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Whilst many of us thought that Tiktok would only remain popular during the duration of the pandemic, it’s proven otherwise. The popular social media platform rose to power during COVID-19 when many of the world’s workforce were working from home or on furlough. With more time to spend at home and commuting none existent, many found themselves with more time.

As a result, Tiktok grew but it’s not stopped growing. In fact, it shows no signs of stopping according to an article by Search Engine Journal that found Tiktok recently took top domain over Google!

So what does that mean? Well as a retailer, it’s an opportunity to make more sales and to take advantage of what this platform can offer for your business in 2022.

Tiktok usage statistics 2022

TikTok’s growth has certainly been an incredible one to watch in the space of just a couple of years.

As of July 2020, Tiktok surpassed 1 billion monthly active users. In terms of revenue, that’s also something that’s grown significantly over the past few years. In 2017, the platform made £46.1m and as of 2022, the platform is aiming to make a whopping £8.7bn.

There are many users around the world that are either on this platform as a creator or simply as a viewer. Whether you’re one or the other, you’re amongst over a billion of other users.

Is it too late for brands to start marketing on Tiktok?

The answer - not at all. Tiktok is still a growing social media platform and even if it were at its peak, this is a platform that’s here to stay. Tiktok has been developing its platform to provide more advertising and promotional services for brands.

As a retailer, it’s the perfect platform to sell and advertise your clothing. Not only through influencers but on your own brand profile too. Video content continues to be an extremely popular media that many prefer to see when browsing online. For example, 92% of marketers place video as the main part of their marketing strategy.

11 practical Tiktok trends for Retailers

There are lots of practical Tiktok trends that are worth doing for any retail brand that is looking to leverage this platform for their benefit.

1. Keep an eye on trending dances.

One of the main reasons why TikTok did so well was because of the dance elements of the platform. Even if you weren’t a professional dancer, most creators were having a go at the trending dances that would pop on the ‘for you page’ on a daily basis.

As a retailer, keep an eye on these trending dances and take part in them, better yet, dance in the videos of products you’re selling.

2. Document a day in the life of the brand.

Documenting ‘a day in the life’ is very interesting to the viewers of Tiktok, both creators and those that just consume the content.

Document a day in the life of the brand

Whether that’s following around a particular employee during the day or doing a general insight into the brand’s day to day activities, it’s highly engaging for a lot of viewers!

3. Create a seamless outfit transition.

Outfit transitions are the perfect trend to take advantage of as a retailer. If you’ve got some basic editing skills and you’re partial to detail, then a seamless outfit transition is worthwhile and again, viewers love to see it.

4. Behind-the-scenes content.

Viewers, just like documenting a day in the life content, also love behind-the-scenes content. Anything that gives them further insight into their favourite retail brands. Tiktok during the crisis of COVID-19 has helped connect people together digitally when a physical connection wasn’t available.

Behind-the-scenes content

So as a retailer, behind-the-scenes content is certainly something to consider and to include in your content plan.

5. Influencer collaborations.

TikTok has created a whole digital generation of influencers and these influencer collaborations are becoming the norm on the platform. You’ve also got a shop that every influencer can have on their page, meaning they link to your products on multiple profiles.

6. Pack an order.

Another great brand insight video is packing an order. It’s been used quite extensively by small businesses but big brands can also take advantage of this trend. Encourage your users to ask you to pack their order on a video and do these every so often.

7. Simply show off your products.

For some successful videos, retail brands will simply show off the products. Whether that’s using them in action or just displaying them but making them a video, rather than a still picture.

8. Do regular live-streaming.

Live-streaming has become very popular across many platforms, not just TikTok. If you’re looking to get more personal with your audience, then having regular live-streaming can be helpful to boost traffic and interest in your products.

Do regular live-streaming

9. Follow the hashtags and trending sounds.

Just like trending dances, there’s also trending hashtags and trending sounds that you can find on the discovery page of the platform. It’s worth taking a look at these and find sounds or hashtags that you can adapt to your own brand and that could cause your video to go viral!

10. Seasonal styles and fashion inspirational videos.

As retailers do go through seasonal periods and have new products in relation to the type of season or what’s hot on the runway. It’s a good idea to create content that educates your audience and in this regard, you could create seasonal style videos and fashion inspiration to help give your customers and potential customers, some suggestions.

11. Challenge videos for your followers.

Last but not least, why not give your followers an opportunity to be part of a new trend? Many brands on TikTok have created their own challenge or trend to hope that it takes off and goes viral.

Whilst TikTok is great, it’s important to not lose sight of your brand’s identity when it comes to trends. Trends are great but they’re also extremely volatile so tread carefully and always adapt trends to suit your brand’s image.



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