5 Most Inspirational Car Slogans

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Imagine you are standing on an empty straight road. There is nothing around but large skies and endless cornfield. No noise around but the sound of rustling grass in the summer breeze. Then you start to feel a sudden urge, the urge of driving to own the space.

Now, what car are you picturing?

Sometimes your imaginations are influenced by what you’ve heard and seen in the past. It could be a picture, childhood memory or a slogan.

‘’People sometimes pick up slogans or catch phrases from advertising purely for use in conversation. Later, they find themselves making important market choices on the basis of these same compelling words.’’ – Lucas and Britt (Advertising Psychology and Research).

What inspirational car slogans can trigger inside you?

  • emotional reaction
  • old-time memory
  • imagination

Slogans can be so powerful to be remembered for ages. A very good slogans can even turn disadvantages into advantages.

So what makes an inspirational slogan? –  Honesty and simplicity. That’s it.

  • There is no substitute. – Porsche


It’s so clear that you don’t need any explanations.

They only serve for those who want to be unique and different. No one else.

  • The Ultimate Driving Machine – BMW

This is a timeless slogan. “We don’t make sports cars. We don’t make SUVs. We don’t make hybrids. We don’t make luxury sedans. We only make one thing. The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

It’s true, they are not bragging. It delivers what it says, literally.

  • Power, Beauty and soul. – Aston Martin

aston martin

Just like BMW, Aston Martin knows who they are selling to. But unlike BMW, it tells a different story. It is all about the soul, heritage and artistry – because cars are not just a driving tool. It is very much integrated into the driver’s lifestyle and ideology.

  • “Grace…space…pace.” – Jaguar

inspirational car slogans

Although it has been used back in the the 1950s and 1960s, the slogan is still powerful enough to convey its history and brand image. But today it has been replaced by ‘‘Beautiful Fast Cars’’ – a modern way of saying grace and pace (what happened to ‘space’?).

  • ‘‘The pursuit of perfection.’’ – Lexus


Don’t forget that there are always fanatic fans who just love everything what Lexus does, as a symbol of social status (examiner.com).

  • ‘‘Only those who dare, truly live.’’ – Ferrari

inspirational car slogans

inspirational car slogans

Ferrari’s most prominent marketing slogan is ‘We are the competition’. But my favourite Ferrari’s advertisement slogan is this one from the 1980s.

Because driving is about the passion, the thrill, the excitement that stimulate your five senses. It’s not just a means to get from point A to point B. It’s more about the process – or experience – rather than the end, capisci?


What do you think?

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