5 smart alarm clocks that want to turn you into a morning person.

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The rise of smart alarm clocks

For some of us, we start the day with hitting the snooze button over and over again. As a night owl, I know I’d never wake up jumping out of bed, feeling refreshed and fully charged. That only happens in some fancy movies. Despite a myriad of unique and bizarre alarm clocks out there, most of them tend to share the same fate of being pushed to the edge of the bedroom and never being used again.

smart alarm clocks
(Picture: Shape up alarm clock makes you swing this heavy lifting weighs/also a clock at least 30 times to stop the alarm.)

But the surge of tech startups (with their eyes keenly set on this desperate market) has come up with alternative ways of turning a night owl into a morning person. So here’s a small selection of some potentially life-changing smart alarm clocks.


A Paris-based startup offers a totally different and out-of-box idea for a smooth and gentle wake-up. Forget about all the noisy beeps and vibration, Sensorwake wants to get you out of bed by using scents of freshly baked croissants. As the alarm goes off in the morning, the clock starts releasing a scent from a capsule containing a particular scent. The science behind is: to wake you up by stimulating your sense of smell. To put it simply. The company is confident that the good smell should do its job within two minutes. The non-toxic scents currently include the seaside, hot croissants, chocolate, toast, espresso, peppermint and cut grass. And each scent capsules are sold separately from the clock which will cost around $109 dollars. (Disappointingly there’s no scents of beacons yet.)

Sensorwake smart alarm clocks

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Or some may prefer to wake up with freshly grounded coffee: ‘The Barisieur’, a coffee-making alarm clock.

smart alarm clocks

Alright, not everyone fancies croissants. For those who want to wake up with a natural light and soothing sounds, meet TechnoBuffalo’s ‘Wakē that combines several types of technology to create something pretty unique. Each morning it detects your exact position using a body heat sensor. Then a parametric speaker sends a focused but soothing wave of sound directly to your ears. Finally, a gentle beam of light shines down on your face, slowly growing brighter as the sound becomes louder.’ Good quality sleep should bring about good and natural wake-up. While the company Lucera Labs is not the first one to recreate the natural sunrise for a gentle start to the day, it combines highly targeted sounds and lights to not disturb your partner sleeping next to you.

wake- smart alarm clocks(Image via)

Withings Aura

Similarly, this bio-alarm clock also aims to help you wake up peacefully by improving the quality of your sleep. (I’d strongly recommend you to visit their fun and interactive website.)

smart alarm clocks

Withings Aura actually joins under your mattress to monitor your body’s movements, breathing patterns and heart rate (via Wired). By studying how well or badly you sleep, it wants to ‘determine the optimum time in the morning to wake you, and does so using light (from the lamp) and sound (from the lamp’s speaker)’. Using the same system, It also helps fall asleep naturally and peacefully.


Want something more simple and perhaps something that cost less than $200 dollars? While not everybody feel energetic enough to start dancing, we still want to wake up to our favourite sound, song or radio. Using smart algorithms, Kello ‘learns your routines’ and finds your tune to make your morning as less painful as possible. Unfortunately, not much has been released yet on how it actually works.

But if you’re familiar with Kickstarter, you’ll actually find other similar Bluetooth and Wifi-connected smart alarm clocks / speakers that are also Spotify and Uber-integrated and connected with other devices in your household. So we think there’ll be a heated competition among multi-functional intelligent alarm clock businesses.


Here is another ‘revolutionary’ alarm clock for those who need to be dragged out of bed.

Ruggie Smart Alarm Clock

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It’s the ultimate rug that can only be stopped by standing on it. Simple as that. It is made of a soft memory foam that will also ‘cheer you’ with customised motivational quotes’ as you step on it.

The last resort?

I’m so hopeless in the morning that I might need a kind of shock therapy to bring the morning person in me. So Shock Clock seems the last resort that could really change my habits. Literally, this innovative wearable device gives you a mild electric shock only when all the beeping and vibrating fail to get you started. Based on the idea of classical conditioning used and examined by Russian physiologist, the user will learn quickly to respond to the alarm to avoid the electric shock. The psychology of fear surely will overthrow the urge to sleep 10 more minutes, right? At least, logically speaking.

smart alarm clock

Now, among all the technologies above, which would mostly likely to help you resist the temptation to hit the snooze button?

And here’s a bonus image – the alarm clock app of the year: The Rock Clock, by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.


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