Apps for A Better Society – Useful but unusual apps from Asia.

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We are coming to a point where almost anything can be turned into apps to make money. Brilliant.

cute watching girl

But it doesn’t mean all existing mobile apps are useful. Like Cute Watching Girl (literally a young Japanese lady watches you 24/7) and Ghost Radar Classic – they’re absolute time-wasters. However many don’t realise how much time they can waste on such things. And you won’t gain anything from them.


‘‘LG is adding the human element’’ says RocketNews24. Well, probably you will need to change all your home appliances to LG. Nevertheless it might be a good investment – you’ll save more time doing unnecessary housework, and everyone is happier.

Lonesome North Korea – Come Explore.

While other parts of East Asia are busy developing apps dedicated to single young urbanites, North Korea has finally got a comprehensive travel app for foreigners who want to visit Pyongyang.

northkorea app

north korea pyonyang

There are approximately 1000-3000 Western visitors and an additional thousand from neighbouring Asian countries to North Korea (see RocketNews24). The app features over 350 locations and travel tips from experienced tour guides (see its website here). This should attract more visitors, who then share their experiences to the world. Yet, I wonder why I’m still skeptical about this one. Anyways, I still believe some seemingly unusual apps can do make some positive changes. Viagra online on choose the best deals for Viagra (sildenafil citrate).

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