#menswear 2.0 / Tumblr, The Pandorialist, Ali’s outfits, Mensweardog and the longing for irony.

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‘Two fundamental literary qualities: supernaturalism and irony.’

Charles Baudelaire

The Internet is full of everything: cats, other cute animals, scary stuff, silly stuff, serious stuff, stuffy stuff, cats, fashion bloggers, foodies, cats, other cute animals, LOLz and OMGs and YOLOs and, finally, cats.

When it comes to menswear, we often have the impression that it’s just about poses, manufactured coolness and people who take themselves and their outfits a bit too seriously. There is something missing: irony, i.e. playing with concepts and ideas and storytelling, without the “pull my finger” kind of attitude or being too tedious. Don’t get me wrong, we all agree that style is King, but, at the end of the day, a pair of trousers is just two tubes made of fabric, even though said fabric is Loro Piana cashmere.

The following Tumblr blogs represent a rather interesting twist on the contemporary idea of #menswear.

What Ali Wore


The Telegraph claims ‘It’s no surprise then that our tastes for ‘real-life fashion’ are changing, so gorged are we on unattainable designer duds adorning unattainably beautiful bodies. Enter Ali, an 83-year-old Turkish father of 18 and the latest street style star to capture the blogosphere’s attention.

A doctor-turned-tailor, the octogenarian resides in Berlin where he captured the attention of waitress/photographer Zoe Spawton, who spotted him walking past the café she works in each morning. After watching him stroll past in a series of natty get-ups, the 29-year-old plucked up the courage to approach him last summer and ask whether she could photograph his daily fashion choices for a blog.’

The blog amasses a staggering 120,000 hits a day.

Stylish animals

As the name suggests, The Pandorialist is like The Sartorialist, but with a panda bear.


Hell yeah, it’s Mensweardog!


And, least but not least, the best collection of Accidental Chinese Hipsters you’ll ever see.


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