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I know they are not ‘hot’ or ‘trendy’, but these pics are winning people’s attentions gradually.

Followers on David Guttenfelder’s Instagram has increased from about 100 to more than 300,000 over a year.

As an AP’s chief Asia photographer and regular visitor of North Korea in the last 10 years, he captures less formal (and more real) aspects of people’s life in Pyongyang, using his camera phone.

For a moment, I wonder what is in the minds of people in Pyongyang. What do people who live in an authoritarian regime think of the world they live in – when their life is so closed and disconnected from the rest.

But then my second thought tells me that probably ‘they’ are not that different from ‘us’. They talk about their families, friends and weather. Thanks to these Instagram photos for making the place more ‘relatable’ – something that mainstream media don’t show often.

“When you’re a news photographer you run past all the intimate little mundane things of life, but they are part of the whole picture of the place, the piece sod the puzzle that when you put them all together reveal something about the place… If I just photographed what the world expected, I’d be ignoring all these other things.” (from the Guardian).





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#RyugyongHotel #Pyongyang 

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