Weekly Tumblr blogs roundup

Hidden rock climbing spots on Mars, lilies in the stratosphere and a beautiful opera cake.

Instead of boring you with SME, SMM, SEO or PPC and everything, here is a quick recap of some cool Tumblr blogs we found this week.

Culture Club – Fashion & Travel

Culture Club’s Tumblr is both informative and entertaining. You can explore a variety of themes related to lifestyle, such as fashion, travel, music, etc.

You get a beautiful collection of imagery, from London’s hidden coffee shops to a fishermen’s town in Southern Italy. There is quite a lot of details but the overall look-and-feel is not overwhelming at all. If you want some fashion and travel ideas or even inspirations for interior design, then this Tumblr is an ideal place to visit.

To sum up:

A Tumblr blog for travel and fashion should;

  • Feature informative content
  • Be visually entertaining
  • And be consistent (stick to the overarching theme of lifestyle).

The French Cuisse – Food pornography

This is one of my favourite Tumblr. A beautiful blog, stunning images and a creative angle. This is what I call a real ‘food porn’.

You run a restaurant or a bar? You want to boost your social presence? Then this will help you.

Food blogs don’t need to over-glamourise or visually exoticise the food and dishes to make them look yummy. With a bit of creativity, veggies and fruits don’t need wax to look attractive (120% authentic) because wonky products are just as fresh as others.

What I like about this Tumblr is that the foods are represented in the simplest and cleanest way possible. No bluff talks. No fancy decorations.

Just laying the ingredients nicely on a table with a simple white background can make the dish look fresh and tasty. You just let the veggies do the rest of the talking.

So a food blog should;

  • use High quality imagery
  • be authentic and simple.

BEAUTIFUL MARS, Art & Science JournalArt & Science

Who said that science and art don’t go together? These two Tumblr blogs prove that science can be sexy and beautiful.

Beautiful Mars shows amazing images taken by a high resolution camera attached to the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Art & Science Journal reveals an eclectic collection of photography and artifacts featuring nature and technology. Some examples include artists such as Sarah Walko who wants to make links between nature and art by collecting ‘objects of both organic and inorganic substance’, using test tubes, microscope slides, and light bulbs.

Tokyo-based artist Makoto Azuma’s latest installation – Outer-site Art – took art and nature into the universe. ‘Two pieces, a Japanese white pine bonsai known as the “Shiki 1”, and an untitled arrangement of orchids, hydrangeas, lilies and irises, were launched into the stratosphere last week in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.’

These beautifully designed plants and bouquets of flowers floating in the space have blurred the boundary between science and art.

Why this captured our attention?

  • Creative and unusual concepts
  • And of course, high-res images.

What do you think?

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