What people usually ask.

  • When and why did you start the company?

    We came into this world in 2006, as an independent digital agency created from a passion of producing innovative and creative work for everyone.

  • Why the beard?

    That's how we roll.

  • How much do you charge?

    How long is a piece of string? It depends. Essentially digital projects vary massively in their complexity - especially with e-commerce - so if you are able to give us your budget this will help us decide on the right solution for your project. Either way, don't be shy, get in touch and let's see if we can help.

  • Who are your clients?

    Everyone from small fashion retailers, to venture-funded startups selling £14m Picassos.

  • What do you like as a company?

    Digital, technology, design, brands, great ideas, adding value.

  • What can you do?

    If it’s related to digital, technology, design, brands and great ideas then we can and do it! Talk to us to see for yourself. Digitise everything.

  • How many people are in the Appnova team?

    Between London and Rome, we currently have a full-time team of 15+. In addition we have a strong team of freelancers, and strategic partners that allow us to scale up and down, as we need. More importantly, we are all focused on giving the same one-to-one dedicated service.

  • Where do inspirations grow?

    Amidst the buzz of London, inside cafés and bars, near the bustle of market in the morning. Inspirations are everywhere. And here at 15 Maiden Lane, we strive to turn inspirations into ideas, and ideas into reality.

  • Where can I send a brief?

    If you already have a brief and would like us to take a look please either email it to us here or use our online submission tool.
    We'll come straight back to you.

Anymore questions?


Come and say hello to the team

Jamie Ettedgui
Managing Director

Jamie Ettedgui - Managing Director

With over fifteen years of experience in management, technology and consultancy; Jamie specialises in Digital, Technology, Business Strategy and Financial Management.

Jamie has a proven record of consultancy, implementation and project delivery within the following industries: retail, fashion, luxury, beauty, healthcare, utilities, finance and start-ups. Jamie has direct experience across the digital landscape including: creative, development, brand engagement, e-commerce, SEO and social media.

His passion is working with early-stage start-ups, as well as established businesses; using his broad experience to help our clients grow their business and produce the results they deserve. This is shown in Jamie’s dedication, making sure our clients’ requests are our number one priority.

Aldo Gargano
Media & Account Director

Aldo Gargano - Media & Account Director

Aldo Gargano, digital innovator, specialised in Marketing, Strategy & Technology. He is a founder and Director of Appnova. He moved to London in 1999 to work on the fashion and leisure industry.
Aldo’s experience ranges all across the Digital Media and Marketing industry and also web and printing.

He is recognised across the industry due to his capability in consistently finding solutions, generating sales and increasing the awareness of our clients’ brands. Aldo creates great relationships with our clients, keeping in contact with them regularly and listening to their requests, he finds out exactly which services he can provide to improve their business results.

Leo Alfieri
Creative Director

Leo Alfieri - Creative Director

Leo is our Creative Director and leads our team of designers and art directors. He has overall responsibility for all creative output at Appnova

He attended the Academy for Arts and New Technologies in Rome, Italy.

After one year teaching Digital Illustration, he started as graphic designer in an ADV & New media agency in Rome, where he became Art Director. In the last 10 years he specialised in web experience design and graphic user interface (GUI) design.

Carlos Martinez
Technical Director

Carlos Martinez - Technical Director

Carlos is our Technical Director and has overall responsibility for our technology implementations and web development. He leads a team of skilled developers and technical partners that deliver all our work

Carlos has a degree in Computer Science from the Peruvian University of Science, where he was also a lecturer in Web Development. Carlos also holds four Microsoft Certifications in Web Development and Solutions Architecture. He has also obtained an MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship in UCL, University of London.

Carlos’ passion for the Web and Technology keeps him up to date and well informed about all the latest breakthroughs in the web. Carlos’ skills in the latest web technologies are displayed in all of our work.

Daniele D’Orazi
Head of Social

Daniele D’Orazi - Head of Social

Daniele is Head of Social Media competency here at Appnova as well as being one of our senior strategists.

With a Master’s degree in Sociology and one in Media, Communications and Critical Practice, Daniele leads our Social Media and Creative Strategy team.

Daniele knows how to combine creativity and practical expertise. His extensive experience in writing, photography and video gives Daniele the right skills for an effective and inspired state of the art Social Media campaign.

Simone Biagini
Technical Lead

Simone Biagini - Technical Lead

Simone is our technical lead here at Appnova.

With more than eighteen years of experience and good knowledge of nearly all topics related to the www., Simone brings an eclectic approach to learning and problem solving.
During his career in a leading software company in Florence, he has worked on a various range of projects related to many different scopes, from 3D graphic to Social Networks.

While he is always eager to learn new things, his passion lies in developing web applications, games, reading and coffee.

Frank Rocha
Project Manager

Frank Rocha - Project Manager

Planning, building, motivating.

Frank is a project manager and producer with 20 years of international experience in digital marketing and advertising areas. With internationally awarded projects, his market experience is built over a strong academic background: a degree in Communication – Advertising and two master degrees (Cultural Industries and International Business Administration). Frank foresees to fulfil the needs of all stakeholders, and to develop solutions for projects of all sizes.

Ben Bugli
Senior Designer

Ben Bugli - Senior Designer

Ben is one of our Senior Designers here at Appnova.

After obtaining a diploma in Graphic Visualisation at the Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie, he successfully completed a Master’s degree in Multimedia Project Management at the same university.

Ben is an interface design wizard, with a great passion for guitars, video and motion graphics, and a self-confessed Web-addicted geek.

Renzo Alarco
Head of Front End Development

Renzo Alarco - Head of Front End Development

Renzo is Head of our Front End Development team here at Appnova.

After graduating in Computing and Information Technology at the Cibertec Institute, he specialised in Advertising Graphics in Toulouse Lautrec Institute in Lima. Not content with this impressive academic record, he studied Business and Systems Engineering at the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola.

Renzo’s infatuation for web design, mobile technology and apps, together with striking technical skills, helped shape his belief: ‘Slick design + leading-edge development = 24-carat product’.

Waka Wang
Head of Marketing

Waka Wang - Head of Marketing

Waka is Head of our Marketing team at Appnova.

She has a Masters’ degree in Global Politics from London School of Economics and Political Science. She brings an interdisciplinary approach to digital marketing research, which is the fundamental process in any business projects. She also takes care of Appnova’s external communication and content marketing, including blogs, website and digital newsletters.

Sarah Hepple
Project Manager

Sarah Hepple - Project Manager

Sarah is a Project Manager at Appnova and is responsible for ensuring that all projects are delivered smoothly. Having graduated from London College of Fashion with a master’s degree in International Fashion Management, Sarah has particular interest in the delivery of websites for fashion brands. This interest is supported by a background in the international team of a large online fashion retailer, with a focus on growing a successful fashion eCommerce business in the Chinese market.

Miriam Felici
UX / UI Designer

Miriam Felici - UX / UI Designer

Miriam is an experienced in UX/UI Designer at Appnova both for Web and Mobile Apps.

She is responsible for every stage of UX Design, from user data analysis to sketching and interactive prototyping.

Miriam joined the Appnova team over two years ago after completing her degree in Product Design at the European Institute of Design.