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    Can real beauty have a digital form?

  • How can be fabric, texture and style digitized?

  • What is a sophisticated and interactive mobile interface?

  • Can healthcare web services have a more human side?

  • Can minimalism be emotionally rich ?

  • Can online shopping be as gratifying as the real experience?  

  • Can fashion woo the tech-savvy?

  • What does luxury web design mean?

  • Can bricks and mortar be digitised?

  • Can financial accounting be digitally engaging

  • Can digital innovation crystallise your unique business?

  • Can technology recreate exclusive experiences?

We’re digital storytellers. We are Appnova.

Since 2006, we have helped many businesses go digital. From luxury fashion brands to pharmaceutical companies, by way of accountancy firms, our expertise is lavish, and our know-how is enviable.  As a leading digital agency we have a thorough knowledge of each of the following sectors, because the difference between a fancy sequin blouse and Paracetamol is actually quite big, in the digital world. Le plat du jour? Web design, branding, eCommerce, social media and digital marketing.

Different sectors, different stories.

As a leading digital agency we maintain strong relationships with our clients and keep them aware of any innovative solutions we can add to their business; we value their feedback and suggestions even months after we finish their project. Browse through our list of categories to see some examples of our digital work, and find out why we are recognised as a top digital agency in London.

Some picks from our work

Some of our Clients

What people usually ask.

  • When and why did you start the company?

    We came into this world in 2006, as an independent digital agency created from a passion of producing innovative and creative work for everyone.

  • Why the beard?

    That's how we roll.

  • How much do you charge?

    How long is a piece of string? It depends. Essentially digital projects vary massively in their complexity - especially with e-commerce - so if you are able to give us your budget this will help us decide on the right solution for your project. Either way, don't be shy, get in touch and let's see if we can help.

  • Who are your clients?

    Everyone from small fashion retailers, to venture-funded startups selling £14m Picassos.

  • What do you like as a company?

    Digital, technology, design, brands, great ideas, adding value.

  • What can you do?

    If it’s related to digital, technology, design, brands and great ideas then we can and do it! Talk to us to see for yourself. Digitise everything.

  • How many people are in the Appnova team?

    Between London and Rome, we currently have a full-time team of 15+. In addition we have a strong team of freelancers, and strategic partners that allow us to scale up and down, as we need. More importantly, we are all focused on giving the same one-to-one dedicated service.

  • Where do inspirations grow?

    Amidst the buzz of London, inside cafés and bars, near the bustle of market in the morning. Inspirations are everywhere. And here at 15 Maiden Lane, we strive to turn inspirations into ideas, and ideas into reality.

  • Where can I send a brief?

    If you already have a brief and would like us to take a look please either email it to us here or use our online submission tool.  

    We'll come straight back to you.

Anymore questions?


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Halloween is not just for kids and those who love cosplays. For brands of all industries, it’s the time when they prove that they are more creative and playful than rivals. Do they want their ads to be clever? Yes. Scary? Yes. Fun? Yes. And impactful? Hell yeah. So here are some examples of creative and well-played Halloween ads for different sectors.

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Fashion brands on Tumblr: Art of the Trench by Burberry.

Recently YouGov has published an interesting study for online business owners. ‘’Facebook has been quietly growing as a news portal in its own right.’’ More and more people have started to utilise Facebook to read about what’s happening around them. Apparently, 27% of 2000 people being interviewed have responded that Facebook was their primary source of local news, making it a 5% increase from the previous year.

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Once upon a time, financial sector was the motor of the global economy, the money generator, and the place where MBA graduates dreamed of entering. But today, things are slowly changing. More graduates from top universities are looking for careers in consulting or tech giants instead. Banks - including retails and B2Bs - are one of the least trusted consumer businesses. How can financial sectors win consumer trust back then?

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With the right balance of creativity, efficient technology and valuable content we can find the right, bespoke solution for your business.

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