Being an experienced Sitecore development agency in London, Appnova offers professional Sitecore development solutions that will improve and empower customer interactions with your brand. Sitecore allows businesses to easily manage content across multiple channels and devices, and helps to convert new visitors to lifelong customers, providing unique and personalised experiences for each individual.

Sitecore is a leading and powerful content management system (CMS) that delivers next-level marketing automation in the form of exceptional customer experiences across every channel, now used by more than 4000 organisations globally.

Our team of Sitecore certified developers can help you with your web development requirements and have a site that can be configured entirely as per your brand needs. Having many Sitecore experts on board, we can help you deploy Sitecore on-premise or in the Cloud as a standalone system or with Microsoft Azure deployment options.

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Why Sitecore?

The Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) offers three key capabilities to execute and screen the performance of your digital marketing campaigns and present relevant customer experience: Web Content Management to manage digital content at scale, in multiple languages and across multiple sites, Customer Intelligence to gather, combine, and analyse information about how each customer has interacted with your brand to increase conversion through personalisation, and Cross-Channel Delivery to automatically deliver your content on any device, any channel, when customers will be most receptive.

Sometimes customer journeys become unfulfilled and it is crucial to understand the purpose of their behaviour and interaction with your brand. For instance, we know that one person named Anna, likes going to the cinema, exercising at the gym and have been searching for quick and healthy recipes for the past few days. We can receive that information using Sitecore, which helps us manage every customer’s journey to be the most engaging for each one of them. By collecting all of Anna’s online and offline activity and interactions, Sitecore is able to analyse this data and predict the content that Anna wants to see, or any other user, providing fully personalised customer experience.

Sitecore Experience Manager

We all know that customers now expect to be recognised as individuals everytime they engage with a brand. We’ll help you to use Sitecore Web Experience Manager for up to date profiles and cross-channel histories for each unique visitor. With the Sitecore Experience Database, you will be able to fully understand how you customers interacted with your website, what they’ve viewed, opened or bought.

You’ll have the power to maintain a consistent experience as the customer moves across web, email, social, mobile, apps, print and commerce. Our team is experienced in personalisation, and we’ll show you how to use customer data from every channel and every interaction to deliver a totally tailored experience. Some of Sitecore features and benefits if it goes to Customer Intelligence and Cross-Channel Delivery include:

  • Collecting data from everywhere, even from non-Sitecore-based systems
  • Creating a complete customer profile called an Experience Profile (xProfile) for each individual and continuously learn about your customers
  • Location-based targeting – your site will detect where your customers to deliver tailored information or prompt in-store purchase
  • Device detection module automatcally detects and optimises content for each user’s device
  • Testing and optimisation of your campaigns and ability to see whether they’re underperforming for specific demogrpahics segments with A/B testing, goal tracking and path analysis
  • Measuring the value of every customer interaction and helping you understand how channels work together to drive engagement
  • Tracking your customer’s journey through the site and how they interact with your content on a large scale
  • Sitecore data repository (xDB) is built on MongoDB, the fastest NoSQL database technology on the market that helps you store your data as it grows.

Sitecore Commerce

Sitecore Commerce provides a powerful framework. With an open API, supporting flexible design, our experienced developers use Sitecore to build secure e-commerce solutions to grow your brand. We’ll provide training on the easy-to-use back-end interface so that your multiple teams can manage content, product information, inventory and digital assets all in one.

With additional support for leading digital practices like customer journeys, cross-channel marketing and multivariate testing, we’ll show you how to use Sitecore to make the most of commerce content management functions including:

  • Capacity to manage multilingual content allowing content creators to write in their native language and translate globally on multiple sites
  • Supporting multiple sites and ability to share content across thousands of sites to maintain a consistent experience on every single on
  • Serving content in the best format for every user’s device with a write-once, distribute-across-any-channel approach
  • Ability to incorporate web content into mobile apps with Sitecore Mobile SDK for Android, iOS and Windows devices
  • Search optimisation capabilities, including predefined vocab, plus built-in keyword guidelines
  • Capacity to add user-generated content (online ratings, reviews and recommendations)
  • In-session personalisation, from text to rich media to social media widgets and promotions and setting up personalisation rules to deliver targeted and relevant content to unique visitors
  • Drag-and-drop templates for commonly used page components
  • Social marketing with Sitecore allows you to share content on social media platforms and measure the success of your paid marketing efforts in a single interface.

We are a full-stack Sitecore Web Development services agency

Being an expert in Sitecore web development, we are recognised in the market for establishing & pioneering the digital transformation of many major enterprise businesses. We offer specialised, enterprise-grade Sitecore development services with the latest tools to manage the crucial requirements of clients across many industries.

Our Sitecore Web Development services

  • Sitecore Web Development
  • Sitecore Support and Optimisation
  • Leveraging the Sitecore Platform approach
  • Sitecore Upgrades
  • Sitecore Health Check
  • Sitecore Design & UX
  • Migration to Sitecore
  • Sitecore Integration Solution
  • Azure Hosting Architecture
  • Digital Strategy, Personalisation, and Analytics

Why Choose Appnova as your Sitecore Development Partner?

Appnova is a certified Sitecore development agency with 15+ years of experience developing and executing web development solutions. We have a team of talented Sitecore developers who have years of expertise & in-depth knowledge. We have delivered 60+ Sitecore development projects for top enterprise businesses across various industries.

We always keep in mind to provide the best Sitecore development solutions for your business requirements because we understand the value of a website for a business, and our primary goal is to provide your users with a great experience and maximise your website traffic & conversion.

Contact us to discuss your Sitecore web development requirements & let us resolve your queries.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sitecore Development

Is your Sitecore CMS Mobile Friendly?

Yes, we can proudly say that all our Sitecore projects work perfectly on all devices with ease. Our Sitecore CMS experts put mobile-friendliness as the top priority while working on a CMS.

Why is Sitecore better than other CMS?

Sitecore is the pioneer of tailored digital experiences. One of the most pleasing features of Sitecore is its capability to dynamically update your website's content based on who is viewing it to provide each visitor with material that most closely matches their objectives and requirements and increase engagement. One of the main reasons people choose Sitecore is its capacity to support multiple websites and internationalisation.

What is the timeline for the Sitecore enterprise project?

The timeline of a Sitecore web development project depends on various aspects. This includes the project type, business requirements, and type of Sitecore CMS Solution you are looking for. Our team consists of experts well-equipped with Sitecore solutions, digital marketing, and technical knowledge, as well as content whizzes who work together to achieve your project in an estimated time.

How much does Sitecore web development cost?

Since Sitecore is not an open-source CMS, it requires a highly pricey paid-for license It's impossible to quote precise pricing because it's customised for each company's needs and depends on various variables. Let's talk about your need for Sitecore web development and see how we can assist you in finding a solution.

Is Appnova a Certified Sitecore Partner?

Yes! Appnova is a certified Sitecore partner - Omnie Solutions that can leverage Sitecore in any enterprise application. Our team of certified Sitecore web developers can assist you in deploying Sitecore on-premise or in the Cloud as a standalone system or with Microsoft Azure deployment options.

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