As a Renowned Creative agency based in London, Appnova has 15+ years of experience in creating visually stunning, feature-rich and completely tailored Magento eCommerce solutions. Working with global luxury beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands, our in-house team of Magento developers has delivered many innovative eCommerce websites that engage and convert your customers.

Magento is a leading platform for open commerce innovation, with the most flexible and scalable solutions it help retailers make the most of their business potential. High number of features that Magneto has to offer include a better control over site’s data, efficient product management and marketing tools that will grow your sales. Whether you’re looking to upgrade Magento 1.9 to 2, or want to begin with the latest Magento version, we’re here to help.

Top world brands such as Nike, Christian Louboutin, Charlotte Tilbury and TOUS use Magento to boost their sales globally and empower their online success. We worked with many brands globally to find tailored Magento solutions for each one of them, delivering high-quality eCommerce websites, that are easy to navigate and take the user on a wonderful shopping journey.

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Why Magento?

If you are looking to build a proficient, visually stunning, and easy-to-manage website for your eCommerce business, then you should consider Magento as your first choice. Magento is one of the best open-source platforms to build a professional eCommerce website.

Here are some features and benefits that come along with Magento:

  • Magento is an open-source platform, which means developers can easily modify the source code and also install plugins or create add-ons to add features and functionality.
  • Magento is very scalable, whether your business is small or large, Magento adjusts as per your requirements since it is so flexible.
  • It enables you to manage multiple stores from one admin panel, which saves a lot of time and effort while taking care of your sales. It has multi-lingual and currency features in addition to multinational order management, shipping, and support.
  • Magento is a user-friendly CMS its layout provides effortless website navigation, zoom-in ability and product reviews delivering a great customer experience.
  • In this Era, mobile Commerce is leading the marketing and will continue to expand. Magento Supports Mobile Commerce and offers seamless mobile shopping experiences across numerous web browsers and devices.
  • Driving traffic through search engines is the best way to boost your ROI. Magento aids SEO by enabling you to create optimized URLs, descriptions, tags with appropriate keywords, etc. It just not only drives traffic but also has powerful tools to increase conversion rate.
  • To optimise your online business, you may quickly and effectively connect any third-party extensions, programmes, and extra plug-ins with Magento, including payment gateways, marketing automation, shipping services, and tag management tools.
  • With a community of approximately 300,000 members, it is quite easy to find assistance if you face any issues. In addition to this, Magento also provides direct customer service.

What We Do?

From advanced SEO and product configuration, to intuitive user interface and secure transactions, a Magento eCommerce agency provides the essential tools to help retailers connect, engage, inspire and sell.


“Is Magento the best fit for my eCommerce business?” Every business has different goals and objectives, and our approach focuses on your and your consumers’ needs.
Through active listening and strategic thinking, we’ll not only help decide if Magento is the right platform for your eCommerce business, but also set a strategy in place on how we can maximise opportunities for you to achieve incredible results.


During the discovery phase, we take a path of exploration, wherein our team of certified Magento developers discovers your business and product requirements, analyses the competition, identifies the goals, sets the timeline for the same, and comes up with the best solutions to boost your business online.


By leveraging data and technology, we influence the design process and work together with you to create a memorable and purposeful Magento eCommerce experience.
Every design detail aims to maximise conversions and minimise dropouts whilst visually connecting and engaging with your target audience. We don’t just offer great designs, we offer designs with purpose.


Every luxury site made with Magento eCommerce development can be completely tailored to your individual business needs, providing you with a reliable infrastructure to allow you to run your business seamlessly and effortlessly.
Whether it’s a complex CRM system like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, drop shipping extensions with Fedex and DHL, or even a WordPress blog to whet your user’s appetites for your products, we can integrate with almost any third-party system.


We are quick to implement; our highly specialised in-house Magento developers have the right know-how in PHP, html5, CSS3 and more. We embrace changes in your priorities and requirements as the project moves forward. With constant iteration and feedback, our flexible approach has helped clients yield better conversion results and maximise ROI.


One of the reasons why many clients choose us as a Magento agency is because of our capacity to customise and scale up as businesses grow over time. Whether you need a multilanguage site or multiple payment options, we’ll offer customised solutions equipped with the most cutting-edge functionalities that drive sales. We’re also able to create custom extensions to adapt base Magento behaviour to your specific needs.


Once done with all the development of your Magento eCommerce website, Our team of Quality Analysts perform rigorous testing of the website. We make sure that our final website is mobile friendly, responsive across all devices, all the functionalities are working perfectly, and many more things.


Our team of professional experts acts diligently to provide a smooth deployment of your eCommerce site. The deployment process includes small but crucial steps such as code compression, the finer points of shipping and tax, and other minutiae. Our team looks into all of this and any other last-minute hiccups that may arise in the deployment phase to make sure that the site is launched as required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Magento 2 and how it is different from Magento 1?

Magento 2 is the latest and most powerful version of the Magento platform. It is a major advancement from Magento 1, offering improved performance, better scalability, and a more modern user interface. Therefore, migrating to Magento 2 is a smart decision to leverage all the benefits Magento has to offer.

Why should I migrate my website from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

Magento 2 offers a lot more than Magento 1, it provides a wide range of advancements and features that includes increased performance, more security, improved scalability & customization options, mobile friendly with responsive themes, streamlined checkout process, Automated testing, and many more things.

In comparison to Magento 1, Magento 2 provides better performance, more scalability, and improved security. It is also easier to use, customise, and meet the customer’s needs.

How much does it cost to develop a Magento website?

The cost of a Magento eCommerce website entirely depends on the specific requirements of the project, such as the size of the project, features and functionalities required, complexity, etc. To get an estimated cost, you can share your project description and requirements with us.

How long does it take to develop an eCommerce Magento website?

The timeline to develop a Magento website is based on several factors, such as the project's size and scope, and whether or not there will be bespoke graphic design and integration requirements.

What is the future scope of Magento?

If Magento is anything to go by, Magento will remain the eCommerce solution of choice for businesses all across the globe for many years to come. The platform's recent acquisition by Adobe, which will invest more resources in its further growth, will guarantee its long-term position in the market.

Why should I choose Magento over other eCommerce solutions?

Magento works best for online merchants with complicated functionality and integrations. Since it is open-source, no other platforms can match its technology, and a strong global professional community continues to push the CMS to its boundaries.

Why should I choose Appnova for my Magento eCommerce website development?

Appnova is an experienced and forward thinking Magento web development agency that has been providing professional Magento development services for the last 15+ years. Therefore, we know the ins and outs of the platform and how to build stunning, functional websites that develop alongside your company. You can see our work portfolio to know the number of Magento eCommerce projects delivered so far. Our success rests on your growth.

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