McIntosh Laboratory

Design & UX, Strategy, Website

McIntosh Laboratory has been powering some of the most important moments in audio history for the past 70 years, and continues to deliver the ultimate home audio entertainment for listeners around the world. With carefully handcrafted products, the brand creates personal luxury audio experiences for their customers.


What did they need from us?

McIntosh wanted to relaunch their site in order provide excellent customer experience for their wide audience around the world. They needed to showcase their legendary products as well as brand's heritage and make it easy to navigate for any individual, from young to old.


How did we help?

Personalised Sitecore website serving content in the best format

In partnership with Aumcore, we have identified the first step in the process, which was to understand McIntosh's audience and how their customers interact with the brand, in order to provide personalised and relevant customer experience throughout all channels.

Sitecore seemed like the right choice in the digital world we live in. The new platform serves content in the best format for every device, allowing McIntosh to tailor and improve their campaigns, based on user behaviour.