Design & UX, eCommerce Website Development

Amarte is a luxury Korean skin care brand which prides themselves on their ingredients. Their heritage fuses ancient Eastern skin care philosophy with innovative Western Dermatology. Partnering with the Bio-Organic Institute in Korea, the brand provides the most pure and high quality ingredients to create the best possible products.


What did they need from us?

Amarte needed to upgrade their eCommerce platform in order to provide a luxury look and feel, bringing it more in line with the premium positioning of the brand. The aim was to create a consistent brand feeling across the entire site and give more visual prominence to the beauty regime. We stepped in to build a modern, fresh and easy to navigate website which showcases the luxury feel of the products.


How did we help?

A powerful message meets a delicate design

The final product is an eCommerce website built in Shopify, which showcases luxurious products and brand's personality. Amarte's story plays a huge part in their online presence, that is why we have personalised the site and created a strong about section with a separate place for product's unique ingredients.

A clear and delicate design with a powerful statement throughout the site, takes a customer on a wonderful journey to explore brand's philosophy. Easy to navigate website with a subscription functionality, allows the user to easily reorder the products and regimes.