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Are instagram ads more valuable than facebook ads?

Instagram ads

Instagram ads are said to give higher average click-through rates (read more here). Meanwhile, higher conversions, naturally, means higher ad prices for brands and advertisers. While younger users, strong user engagement and a larger ad space (as Instagram ads occupy the whole screen) are all good incentives, we face some critical questions: are the rates sustainable?

Fashion and VR: Who’s the real game changer? feat. Tommy Hilfiger, Rebecca Minkoff & Rigby and Peller

Fashion and VR

So last year we saw a sudden craze in virtual reality among brands of diverse kinds. Fashion was no exception. As we have already talked about this a while ago, virtual reality technology has swept the world of fashion by combining VR and catwalk shows, that were traditionally rendered as exclusive to a handful number of carefully selected people.

Five ways Magento 2 will benefit the retailers

Magento 2

In a nutshell, major changes include Magento 2’s compatibility with modern technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, leaving Prototype JavaScript framework behind. But what exactly does that mean for retailers? Inevitably, such exciting and predominantly technical debate has often excluded those who don’t speak the language! So, we want to fill in the gap by discussing this crucial issue from both aspects: developers/non-developers (including clients) and front-end/back-end.

10 latest trends in digital marketing for beauty brands [Part.2]

digital marketing for beauty brands

From user-generated social media marketing to user-friendly and seamless eCommerce checkout page, here the additional five key trends in digital marketing for beauty brands in 2015.

From story-telling to story-showing: What makes a lifestyle eCommerce? [Part.2]

Engaging lifestyle eCommerce websites

Truly engaging lifestyle eCommerce websites serve as the hub for informative, educative and entertaining contents that encourage customers to come back again and again. So here are two more excellent examples of what lifestyle eCommerce should look like: