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Connecting the Dots between Content and Commerce


Content and commerce: the power couple of the moment. It’s difficult to go more than minutes without someone reminding you of the importance of strong, engaging online content in winning the respect of your customers. And, sure, they’re right: an inspired visitor is more likely to become a loyal shopper. But really there’s no guarantee […]

How Customer Experience Became Adobe’s Favourite Buzzword.

(Credit Andy Aaron, IBM)

Adobe’s Digital Intelligence Briefing is a comprehensive report which analyses the state of digital proliferation and how it will impact both the retailer and consumer. You can read it for free, right here. Otherwise, here’s the skinny… Customer Experience is the New Black. Customer Experience (CX) is how customers interact with your organisation. Although it’s […]

Bespoke Experiences for Online Luxury Customers

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 13.58.34

Special treatment for big spending customers is nothing new in the world of luxury shopping. As high- end retailers continue to move into e-commerce, the digital innovators of the pack are using insight to deliver customised experiences to an identified bracket of high-value shoppers. But how is this interpreted by the other “Just Customers”? Can […]

Is Tumblr still good for brands and branding?

tumblr 2

Back in the day, everybody was talking about Tumblr – the coolest social platform used by the coolest kids (the “M word”, AKA Millennials) – and, since its users were, according to numbers and statistics, the ones with da cash in da pocket, brands were salivating, big time.

The future of minimalist web design: Google’s material web design

material web design

It was last year when Google introduced ‘Material Design’ – a new design lingo that was praised for changing the game. But it wasn’t until recently Google has started testing material design on their desktop search results page to a handful number of users, according to Android Authority.