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Premium liquor brands and the millennials: Seeking the unconventional.

liqour marketing Moet & Chandon Cover

Premium liquor marketing has become increasingly difficult thanks to the strict marketing rules. What’s even more challenging, the younger generation is elusive with the conventional way of communication.

Domino’s shows how pizza marketing should be done

domino's pizza marketing

Whilst some restaurant chains tend to piggyback off the constantly changing digital landscape, Domino’s doesn’t shy away from employing the innovative marketing tactics. So what are the most-buzzed and exciting pizza marketing campaigns of all time by Domino’s?

Fitness tracker market – Can it become mainstream?

fitness tracker market

The recent forecast says that the wearable market will reach 7.1 million units just in Western Europe. The numbers appear less significant compared to the sales of smartphones. Yet, the statistics indicate the growing trend ahead as more and more people are showing interests in spending on wearables (via The Verge). Despite the average price increase, the sales are skyrocketing and demand is obviously swelling.

Is Yahoo doomed? – Shifting focus on valuable content marketing

is Yahoo doomed

It’s been four years since Marissa Mayer took the reins as the CEO of Yahoo Inc. Despite the earlier expectations, changes have been taking place rather slowly, if not at all. The company’s underlying business challenges turned out to be way more gigantic. So is Yahoo doomed?

Menswear eCommerce: Finding best fitting suits made easy online

Menswear eCommerce - Zoot suit

The ‘suit revolution’ has quietly been disrupting the traditional bricks and mortar stores, particularly those who have inherently relied on a high-end image. As the young male shoppers are turning to eCommerce for a quick and efficient solution to shop, online stores for custom tailored suits seem to fit right into their needs.

Startups on Instagram: How to sell stories/ideas effectively

startups on instagram

Startups on Instagram – There is no better way than social media to effectively share business stories and innovative ideas with the millennial generation for young entrepreneurs. There is no denying that photo-sharing is also an effective form of word of mouth marketing – e.g., the power of organic conversation on Instagram.