Design & UX, eCommerce

A selection of designer women’s and menswear brought to the Middle East. Taking on the competitive multi-brand market, SAAF’s mission was to offer their customer an all-encompassing luxury shopping experience.

What did they need from us?

They needed us to design and build their website. A multi-brand eCommerce calls for a design that can marry different styles of imagery. And SAAF needed to offer a localised experience, so it was essential that their site could be accessed in both English in Arabic. This was another of our challenges when it came to design – we needed something that could work across both languages.

How did we help?

A luxury experience for the global customer

Fashion, done digitally, is kind of our thing. We also have a particular interest in localisation, so this was an exciting project for us. A site offering both men’s and womenswear requires two very distinct customer journeys for two different types of shopper.

Our design included two clear, separate routes from the first page of the website. The end result was a website that delivered on SAAF’s vision of luxury.