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The Virtú

Commerce Web Development, Website Design, User Experience

The Virtú is a one of a kind UK fashion brand start-up. The Virtú crafts unique fashion pieces with an unsurpassed quality and focus on the fine luxury details. The Virtú develop their fashion by utilising tattoo inspired designs while creating garments that symbolise and showcase the modern arts of rock and roll. The Virtú collection reflects the passion and distinctiveness of its London based designer who has a keen interest in art and tattoos.


What did they need from us?

The art of tattooing is a subject for speculation as it can both attract and repel – precisely because they are different. This is The Virtú’s intention, as they focus on creating only extraordinary pieces that arouse curiosity with the realism of the edgy designs and the attention to luxury detail and craftsmanship.

Restarting and reinventing an approach to fashion, the brand’s aesthetic is also expressed through the tailored structure and fit of the garment. With the logo itself reflecting the human physique, there is a strong focus on fit of the garments themselves.
The combined passion for luxury, quality and fit makes The Virtu one of the most unique and desirable fashion brands today.

How did we help?

Luxury eCommerce website for the latest men’s tattoo inspired fashion brand.

The Virtú were looking for a digital partner to build their bespoke and luxury eCommerce website to properly highlight and illustrate the true quirky and unique fashion that they provide through selective imagery. The website informs users of the The Virtú’s brand story through carefully placed imagery, animations and content that appeal to both the user experience and user design.

The Virtú were look for a bespoke and modern web design which incorporated an exceptional user experience while being mobile optimised and full of animations. Animations were seen as a key component due to the unique nature of the Virtús designs and products. As a result, Appnova firstly dived into an in-depth discovery phase where we identified the core of The Virtú’s brand, their vision and how we can make it grow and evolve.

  • Appnova then began its creative visual design and build stage which consisted of a design concept process, responsive design phase and finally dove into responsive HTML development. We envisioned a website with strong image-based architecture, clean and minimalist UI while translating the design concept for varying sizes and orientations. Finally, we wanted to ensure that the HTML will be compatible across all the major browsers, such as; Google Chrome, Microsoft, Safari 11+.
  • The Virtú’s eCommerce website and social media now encapsulate the brands core values through an exceptional user experience which has an easy to use navigation which can guide any visitor throughout the site, while learning more about the brand in the process. The site is mobile optimised using responsive web design, across screen sizes and paying particular attention to mobile devices for ‘on-the-go’ and busy users.
  • A bespoke Shopify eCommerce website was developed in order to properly illustrate and highlight the Virtú’s unique and eye-catching fashion designs. The Virtú is still one of Appnova’s clients today.