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Copé Active

Our Client
Appnova has helped Copé Active, a premium activewear startup, build a solid eCommerce presence. Copé Active was born out of inspiration from the U.S. and Australian active lifestyle that embraces health and wellness, without having to compromise on style. It is the idea of the Copé Active’s lifestyle, expressed and embodied through a various range of innovative activewear, that needed to be consistently incorporated into their eCommerce site.

To stand out amongst the stiff competition within today’s crowded activewear market, our team focused on finding a design strategy that would highlight the brand’s unique differentiator.

Social Commerce
We designed and built an eCommerce platform that helps inspire and encourage their target consumers to choose a healthy and stylish way of living. We helped the brand integrate Instagram into their eCommerce website as a creative way of showing off their lifestyle product photos.

Magento eCommerce
Powered by Magento, we’ve taken user needs and motivations into account to create a customer journey map that enables excellent user experience. To deliver an excellent online shopping process, we also provided a variety of useful features including a seamless on-page checkout and Gift Card solutions.

WordPress Integration
We understand the importance of blog feature as a powerful and interactive tool to engage with the end users. Therefore, we came up with the best strategy to integrate WordPress into their Magento eCommerce so that our client can efficiently manage their blog content.