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Established in 1983, JOSEPH is a well-renowned and well-trusted iconic fashion brand, originated in London. Classic, yet contemporary. Elegant, yet bold. Well-mannered, yet with a revolutionary, rock ‘n’ roll vibe. JOSEPH’s design and style constantly challenge the traditional binary within the ordinary fashion world. When it comes to social media channels, JOSEPH wanted to entertain and enamour its fans, the finest fashionistas from all over the world.

The brand came to Appnova looking for creative and practical solutions. Our social media team is working on the best marketing and branding strategies to take the brand to the next level – global engagement. Our new strategy includes a series of innovative digital campaigns in order to reach new markets and audiences, as well as get closer to the existing fan base.

Challenges and Opportunities

JOSEPH had a similar problem to Miller Harris: a chaotic social media presence. We worked together with the in-house social media team in order to design an articulated content marketing plan, helping creating branded content – written and visual – revamp the brand’s accounts, plan campaigns and give them a boost through an intensive use of Ads, monitoring results and mentoring the team, helping them reach the desired KPIs.


For the 25th anniversary of the flagship store, we created a campaign with a dedicated tab on Facebook; the platform served as a hub for all channels – Instagram, Twitter, and a Tumblr we created for community fostering, e.g. in order to grow brand awareness within Millennials – and as a tool for feedback – the company wanted to open new stores in the Middle East, and we used Facebook as a survey platform – and to surgically hit the desired target audiences – the brand opened new shops in the Philippines, and we used Facebook to find relevant local bloggers for co-branding, and to promote openings, events, and so on.

Monitoring interactions

We also helped the brand plan and launch a contest, inspired by the iconic JOSEPH stripes, using the hashtag #JosephStripeClub. Our creative team constantly monitored what was happening on the brand-related social media channels, so that everything stayed consistent with brand image.


This – among other things – gave a boost to JOSEPH’s Instagram account, which has gone from 3k followers when we started, to the current sum of 30k.
We supported the brand re-organising their social media presence not only by creating branded and lifestyle content, but also digitising the experiential, offline, in-store vibe of JOSEPH, translating the DNA and values of the brand into social media-friendly content, improving as well the brand / user conversation, and greatly enhance a real-time service of customer care.

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