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The luxury fragrance house, Miller Harris was founded by a British perfumer Lyn Harris back in 2000. While the brand had traditionally been focusing on a niche market, their online fan base started growing at a highly significant rate in recent years. In response, we’re helping the brand develop a strong social media strategy and build positive communications with potential customers on Instagram.

Analysing challenges and opportunities

Luxury fragrance house Miller Harris already had a social media presence, but they felt it was quite “messy”, and didn’t reflect the true spirit of the brand. We decided to go for a radical makeover of their strongest platform – Instagram, which is where the“Miller Harris Girl” plays – and to revamp the Facebook page, too. We also started to interact with the fan-base, nurturing a two-way conversation that was quite unorganised before, boosting customer service and positive brand sentiment to a healthy level.


The results were rather positive, with an average 75% increase in reach per post (Facebook), 300% increase of PTAT (People Talking About This), and a 20% growth when it comes to Instagram followers, in less than two months. Moreover, brand awareness and brand sentiment have grown too, in existing markets but also in new ones, especially Asia.

Before the campaign


After the campaign

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