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We are Appnova. Since 2006 we’ve helped bring small and big brands to the market. We are a multi-skilled team of creatives, art workers, illustrators, designers and digital experts that come together to create incredible brand identities and stories, that resonate with your consumers, invoke emotion and drive engagement that in turn help your products to perform well in your sector and drive sales from your customers.

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Create a Brand Identity

We start by helping you to define your audience, this can include finding a suitable brand name, designing your logo and corporate identity, defining a tone of voice and finding the right distribution and sales channels for your product.

Food Packaging and Drink Packaging Design

The best form of design is one that has its own identity. Our food packaging design team work with you to develop your brand identity into recognisable products that will fly off of the shelves. Our designs create intrigue, catch the eye and encourage customers to lift the product from the shelves to discover more.

Structural Design

Product sleeves, wraps, stickers, containers, bottle labels… we can design packaging for to suit any medium. We’ll actively research and understand your competitive set and design packaging that positively positions your product against your competition.

Product Photography and Styling

Our creative team can provide you with art direction for your photoshoot. We will mock up photography layouts in line with the creative direction and give you and your photographer a firm brief to work from.

Website Design

Our UX, project management and technical team work closely with the design team to bring together incredible websites that reflect your brand style. We can design basic brochure websites with product and nutritional information, or create fully transactional food eCommerce websites, with online ordering, back office administration and even subscription based purchasing.

Social Media and Marketing

We have a team dedicated to social media and marketing your brand. Tell us your goals and objectives and we can support you in helping you achieve them. Whether it’s to create a digital strategy, advertising your brand to customers on Facebook and Instagram, running your social media, promotions or competitions or creating great content.

Sales and Distribution
Need help with getting your product in front of the right buyers? Our network includes high profile sales agencies with connections to some of the largest retailers and distributors in the UK and Europe. Once your product is looking great, we can even support you with sales tools to help you deliver and award winning presentation and win hearts and minds.


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