Magento has announced that in June 2020 the company will no longer offer software support for Magento Commerce 1 and Magento Open Source 1. If your site is powered by version 1.9 or lower, then now is the right time to upgrade to Magento 2, or build your new eCommerce using the latest Magento version. Luckily, Appnova is a certified Magento agency in London and has more than 15+ years of experience in building secure and innovative Magento projects.

Our dedicated team of Magento developers can assist you with a smooth and safe migration to Magento 2. Working with luxury fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands globally, we’re committed to providing support to our clients to make sure the process is easy, flexible and satisfying for both parties. We focus on delivering completely bespoke digital experiences that create exceptional user journeys and convert your customer.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade Magento 1.x to 2, or want to begin with the latest Magento version, we’re here to help. We have crafted many innovative Magento solutions to meet each one of our client’s needs, building high-quality eCommerce websites, that are easy to navigate and take the user on a wonderful shopping journey.

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What can Magento 2 do for me?

In June 2020 Magento will stop releasing security updates for Magento 1.x. Don’t wait till the last minute and prepare your website for Magento 1.x End Of Life. Without support fixes for bugs and patching, your business could be at risk. The good news is that Magento 2 has improved performance, scalability, security and user experience. Plus, new conversion-driving capabilities to help you step up your brand. Our specialist team are on hand to support the upgrade and train you on all of the updated features.

Performance & Scalability

  • Less add ons and extensions required with more native out of the box functionality – Speed improvements and potentially lower monthly subscription / one off costs
  • Quicker page loading time – improving user experience and SEO scores in tools like Google Page Speed Insights
  • Faster loading of Javascript – Improving browsing and loading speeds
  • Better caching of images – Improving browsing and loading speeds
  • Simple video uploads, without the need of third party video add ons
  • Improved Scalability – Ideal for launching multiple stores, or multi language store

Customer Experience

  • An improved 2 step checkout process that removes the previous 5 step process which has been known to increase conversion rates
  • A simple and quick one click account creation
  • Compatibility with HTML5, CSS 3, PHP 7 and Apache 2.2 – modern technologies which can be leveraged to enhance content and user experience

Easy-to-use Back-end

  • A better admin interface – that is mobile ready plus utilises a new drag and drop feature
  • Improved Importing of Products – Reduced Administrative Work
  • Faster creation of configurable products – Reduced Administrative Work


What does an upgrade involve?

The upgrade process varies from business to business. The earlier the version you are upgrading from, the longer and more complex the migration. And early version extensions, data migration, complex customisation and UI requirements can all add to the timeframe. Your revenue, transaction volume and API integration won’t slow things down. So, good news for you if you’re a fast-growing brand looking to step up your game as quickly as possible.

Your upgrade process will look like this:

Theme Migration – Creating a new theme to control the look and feel of your website
Extension Migration – Identifying Magento 2 compatible extensions or custom writing new plugins
Customisation Migration – Migrating or rewriting any custom code to your new website
Data Migration – Moving product, customer and sales information  across to your new database structure


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