In a digital world dominated by marketing messages at every opportunity, well managed PPC Marketing still provides a strong return on investment that can boost your digital sales and lead flow

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There is no other marketing channel that can match PPC in terms of its analytics, it’s measured return on investment and speed to market. A robust and well-managed PPC strategy should form part of any digital businesses’ online marketing strategy.
Creating a PPC campaign that drives ROI and real value takes skill, experience and a deep understanding of your business.
We are a full service digital marketing agency, and PPC forms an important part of what we do. We offer a number of PPC Advertising options to our customers.

Google Pay Per Click Marketing

We offer three types of pay per click marketing to our customers.
Search Ads
These ads are the most commonly recognised, they appear at the top and the bottom of search engine results pages.
Display Ads
Display refers to ads that form part of the extensive Google display network that Google operates through offering advertising revenue opportunities to thousands of partner websites. Display ads are typically text or image (graphical) based ads that can promote your business or products.
Re-targeting / Re-marketing
Re-targeting or Remarketing as it is often referred offers customers that have already visited your website relevant ads to remind and entice them back to your website.

Facebook PPC Advertising

We’ve been running Facebook ads for clients worldwide since 2009 and have seen first hand the instrumental effect this can have on businesses. With ultimate precision and targeting you can target customers by over 15 criteria, including location, age and interests.

With our expert skills in digital design, we can create pixel perfect ads that engage, promote and win over your audience.

Full Service PPC Agency

Appnova are geared towards helping your business start our in the world of PPC or to accelerate your growth and help you optimise your CPA and ultimately your business ROI. If you would like to speak with us about how we can support your business with PPC advertising, please contact us today.

Our Approach

In Depth Research & Understanding
We use data, intelligence and a detailed understanding of your business to position your brand against the market competition. We then put together a plan to help you dominate your niche and make your PPC campaign(s) stand out in the market.
Keyword Selection
Through careful planning, industry leading tools and a focus on long-tail opportunities, we select keywords relevant to your industry and structure your campaigns.
Pin Point Targeting
As with offline media, placement is so important to ensure the right users see your ad. We target potential customers using location and language targeting and also adjust bids based on device.
Engaging Ad Copy & Pixel Perfect Ad Design
We use relevant language and incredible ad design to engage customers and attract the highest click through rates. We then test and trial new ad copy and design to generate the highest possible CTR for your ads.
Extensions & Growth
As your campaign matures we trial the latest techniques, test ad extensions and grow the campaign for include new search terms and take account of user behaviour. We like to call this ‘continuous improvement’ with the aim to drive the best possible ROI for your campaign.
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