Amy Henley

Content, Design & UX, eCommerce Website Development

Amy Henley is a brand with a clear objective to design timeless collections for fashion conscious women who appreciate the highest level of quality. Designed in London and carefully created by skilled artisans in Italy, Amy Henley collections uphold importance of sustainability, tradition and style. The brand was looking for a digital partner to build an innovative eCommerce to showcase their unique high-end footwear and accessories.

What did they need from us?

Amy Henley needed its own online presence in order to showcase and sell the luxury offering of the brand. An image-rich, minimalist eCommerce that encompasses timeless collections and each detail of the products. The traditional craftsmanship techniques combined with the finest designs and a vision to provide a better future are brand's core values that had to be visible throughout the site.


How did we help?

Sleek Shopify store presenting the epitome of a minimalist and classy look

To simultaneously address brand's information architecture, design and core values, Appnova stepped in to build a beautiful eCommerce that takes a user on a journey through Amy Henley's timeless collections, contrasting traditional design techniques with contemporary fashion.

The final product is a distinctive Shopify store showcasing the pieces designed to outlast any season. Following graceful and sophisticated look across the site, it is sure to keep customers coming back for more.