Limoncello di Capri

Design & UX, Website

Lovingly distilled in Southern Italy, Limoncello di Capri makes use of traditional techniques passed down through the Canale family. A liqueur produced with nothing but authentic ingredients and an unwavering respect for the craft.

What did they need from us?

A brand built on tradition and heritage, Limoncello’s challenge was not to find an identity. The next step for them was to increase brand awareness with a new kind of customer. We stepped in to help them find the right channel and the right voice. Our solution was some smart social media management from our expert Digital Marketing team.

How did we help?

A measurable strategy and a new social presence

We translated their unique identity into a social media presence that resonated with the audience. Starting with research into the target market, we created a bespoke strategy with a clear direction based on their long-term goals. We chose the right social channels and defined a “buyer persona” to help us appeal to a new customer segment.

Our strategy was measurable, and page likes increased rapidly. We helped take Limoncello to where they needed to be when it came to brand recognition.