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A luxury multi-brand retailer with an unshakeable social consciousness. Every time a customer makes a purchase with Livoos, they choose a charitable cause that’s meaningful to them and 50% of the revenue is donated.

What did they need from us?

A complex concept like this one means multiple customer journeys. Livoos needed a customised site that could support all of these experiences, giving customers a way to match a product with a cause. We needed to find a way to merge luxury design with a drop ship, multi-delivery partner and multi-tax rates. We were happy to help.

How did we help?

Seamless shopping experiences to shape a sustainable future

We rose to the challenge and delivered a website that used a multi-CMS. The eCommerce was powered by Magento and the pages that called for a bespoke design by WordPress.

Integral to the website was the multi-ship solution, which meant developing three custom plugins.

We integrated these seamlessly for a simple user checkout and delivery experience. The result was a smooth customer journey befitting the responsible luxury shopper.