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SAVR takes the hassle out of ordering and paying your bill at a bar or restaurant. Their aim was to work with multiple partners to offer dining and drinking experiences without the boring “logistics” stuff.


What did they need from us?

They needed an app with an intuitive design. And as a start-up looking for new restaurant partners, it had to be something that would make a statement. The app needed to give the user the option to create a table, pre-order their meal or drinks and split the bill with their friends afterwards. We were happy to help.



How did we help?

A design that set SAVR up for success

Our UX and UI teams worked meticulously and came back to them with an app design that delivered.

Making use of InVision, we provided a prototype so that they could get a real feel for how the app would work following the build.

This was a statement-making design that put SAVR where they needed to be before taking their first step out into the market.