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Venyx is luxury and authentic jewellery brand. Venyx creates innovative designs that break the rules of the more traditional jewellery shapes. Venyx exuberate unique fashion jewellery as Venyx is a blend of landscapes, powerful natural phenomena, and fascinating living creatures. The jewels are the aesthetic synthesis that creative director and designer Eugenie Niarchos finds in them. All the jewellery pieces that are part of the world of Venyx have a story, or are part of a story. This is a big part of what makes a jewel extra-precious.

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What did they need from us?

It is not only about the luxurious, rare and beautiful materials used in crafting the pieces, but also about the story. This is what gives life to a piece or a collection.

Venyx were looking for a digital partner to build their website to properly illustrate and exuberate the true eccentric jewellery through beautiful imagery and to inform visitors of not only the brand’s story but also Eugenie Niarchos creative approach in crafting the jewellery. This allows users to engage with the product offering and allow them to fully understand what makes Venyx different from its competitors.

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How did we help?

Unique and modern web design for luxury jewellery brand.

Venyx needed its own online presence in order to showcase and sell the authentic luxury offering of the brand. We created a unique and modern web design that perfectly encompasses the outstanding quality of Venyx’s products by virtue of a visually stimulating look.

Our team at Appnova envisioned consumers engaging with Venyx so we made it our mission to provide an exceptional user experience that echoed the Venyx brand identity yet easy to use which allows any user to navigate through the site.

In today’s digital space, a WordPress website must be mobile optimised and this was carried out by virtue of responsive web design across any screen sizes while paying particular attention to mobile devices for the ‘on-the-go’ users.

Appnova stepped in to build a beautiful website using WordPress platform that takes a user on a journey through Venyx beautiful jewellery. The final product is a distinctive website showcasing the unique jewellery designed to keep customers coming back for more.