Fashion needs more than just another trendy website to drive quality traffic that converts visitors into buyers. It needs to be highly intuitive to rank higher on Google’s search results, and encompass the right tone of voice to communicate the brand’s aspirational lifestyle.

With 15+ years of experience in fashion web design and development, Appnova is one of the leading London fashion creative agencies. We have delivered many innovative user-friendly projects that showcase the products and services to prospective customers in the best possible way. Appnova carefully gets to know your target audience to create digital experiences that resonates your visitors.

Our in-house team of experienced fashion web designers and developers works with platforms such as WordPress, Sitecore, Umbraco and Drupal to build completely bespoke and flexible sites that meet each one of your requirements, and deliver personalised content.

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Our vision

We offer completely bespoke fashion web design services, tailored to meet your business challenges. With over 15+ years of experience working with global fashion brands, we always collaborate with our partners to shape digital roadmaps that fit neatly into their overall sales goals.

Whether you are a well-established fashion brand or a cutting-edge startup, you will benefit from the experience of a successful fashion marketing agency who will identify your brands challenges and opportunities and present you an emotionally engaging fashion web design solution, that differentiates you from the competitors.


We use a variety of techniques to identify and understand your intended audience: Who are they? What are their needs, desires and motivations? We study, observe and spend time with the potential users to build reliable customer personas, which is a vital tool for goal-directed design.

Strategy and Planning

Whether you want to improve site ranking or find new ways of engaging with fans, we’ll create a digital strategy that takes your brand to the next level. Having worked on projects of all sizes and timeframes, we have proven expertise in developing measurable digital marketing tactics.


While stunning product images are the essential elements of a dapper fashion website, it cannot lack in functionality. Based on user-centred design principles, we’ll find the perfect balance between usability and visual aesthetics to offer the users a seamless experience from start till end.

Content Management

As your fashion collection changes every season, your fashion website also needs to look fresh and up-to-date. With extensive experience in WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento and more, we’ll offer a secure, scalable and hassle-free CMS solution for you.


How we do fashion web design and development

We work with you

When we say we are collaborative, we really mean it. Products are complex nowadays and we believe success comes from partnership. No matter how big your company is, you probably have deadlines, budgets and requirements to satisfy and no one can do all of this alone.
That’s why we always strive to be an active part of the project; we want to listen to you, sit down with you and drink a cup of tea together as often as possible*.
*Research shows that cups of tea are known to have often saved projects (and many headaches too).

We make haste slowly

Latins said ”Festina Lente”’, which means ”make haste slowly” and it helped them build one of the biggest empires ever. That’s what we do too: we work agile and we keep thinking, planning and optimising even (and especially) when the deadline is close.
We stay in control no matter what, because losing the big picture means failing a project. Your journey with us will be like a trip on the Maglev: fast, comfortable and safe. And you will enjoy the panorama too.

We want you to succeed

70% of our projects come from happy clients, referrals and word of mouth. And probably you are here for the same reason. That’s why if you succeed, we succeed. No matter how big your business is, our relationship will be as personal as possible.
We know life in companies is complicated enough and sometimes the things that save your day cannot be written on a contract. Like being there for you on last minute meeting or making a small change on the fly.


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