Creative & Brand Designing, eCommerce Website Development

S-Dress’s mission was to create a dress that could respect not only the woman wearing it, but the world around us. They bring their customer luxury, body sculpting pieces made ethically in Italy. Sustainability, done in style.

What did they need from us?

They came to us for a sleek eCommerce with the brand’s identity embedded throughout. S-Dress is playful but elegant; it’s bright and it’s inspiring. They needed a beautiful website design that could bring these qualities out in the right way. Showcasing the product with extreme attention to detail was important, as was functionality. Something visually exciting, that worked flawlessly.

How did we help?

A modern digital showcase for an inspiring product

We delivered an advanced eCommerce, including HTML5 and responsive design.

A huge focus here was usability. We built a site optimised for both tablet and mobile, featuring a simple navigation system supported by an easy to use checkout.

Social media marketing made sure that the brand launched with a loud enough voice to capture its audience and turn them into S-Dress customers.