Here’s Why Versace, Gucci, and Other Fashion Brands Should Learn from Jesus Daily.

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Elsewhere, I wrote ‘Branded content is important, but is not everything: according to a recent study led by Penn Schoen Berland for The Hollywood Reporter, social media sites including Facebook were considered entertainment by 88% of the interviewees. That means your audience is not there primarily to buy stuff or get spammed by companies, brands, individuals who offer ultra-paid jobs from home, and so on.’

I am still a big fan of “quiet technology”, and laid-back brands looks way cooler to me than the ones going ‘HEY, LOOK HERE MATE, THERE’S NO OTHER ______ LIKE THE ONE I SELL, COME OVER HERE, GIVE US A LIKE, LEAVE A COMMENT, SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS, BUY SOMETHING, COME ON, CHRISTMAS IS HERE, ISN’T IT?’, but sometimes I have the impression that the presence of the logo – in a small, humble, discreet size – helps the customer remember what we are talking about.

It may sound weird and paradoxical, but the absence of logo is seen as something confusing by the majority of customers. True story.

Now, if you are going for the heavy artillery and a hardcore branded content-based social media strategy, remember three key concepts:

  • Storytelling is crucial. No story, no good.
  • Inform and entertain. If your posts are dull and/or boring, you are doing it wrong. It’s like your grandma giving you a scratchy woolly pajamas as a gift EVERY Christmas. I don’t need more than one, and I don’t like it anyway. Got it?
  • Be visual. Engaging and cool images are way stronger than words. With the right twist and copy, you can turn any image into something related to your brand/story.

So, looking at Facebook pages with this set of characteristics, I’ve found Jesus Daily.

It’s great. Don’t focus on what they sell/promote, just look at the quality and the consistency of the strategy.

And it’s working fine: look at mere numbers, such as “likes”, shares, amount of comments and so on.








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  1. February 25, 2013

    Most Luxury brand have to learn a lot from Jesus!
    I want a Cambridge Satchel


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