Umbraco is world leading .NET Content Management System and is responsible for running some of the biggest, most secure and popular websites used today. Its popularity is sustained by offering a completely open source and free to use platform, making it a popular choice for large organisations that don’t wish to be burdened with high licencing and renewal fees.

Why Appnova For Your Next Umbraco Website?

We’ve been designing and developing user centric websites and applications for over 10 years. We specialise in the luxury and lifestyle sectors – working with large and small organisations to create websites that work both for the back end user (your team) but more importantly – your website users. A focus on user experience and interaction are at the heart of every website and project that we deliver and we have a wide and varied portfolio of clients worldwide.

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How we do Umbraco is world leading .NET Content Management System

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Umbraco Development

We’re a London based Umbraco Development Agency. We’ve also got offices in Rome, Italy where the core of our design and UX team are based. We balance the best in tech and coding knowledge, with the best in class design to create eye-watering solutions that deliver results and ROI for your senior stakeholders.

Our Umbraco websites are all offered with :

  • A full UX review, wire framing, website design and development
  • Fully responsive design, focused on being mobile centric
  • High levels of security, supported by the Umbraco Framework
  • Speed – so your users and content teams can access your content fast and timely
  • Fully hosted and supported, from our 15 strong multi skilled team
  • Supported by our in house development team and a community of thousands of

Umbraco Upgrades and Redesigns

If your organisation is already running Umbraco and need to update the website with a fresh new user focused design – we should talk. With a team of 5 designers with over 40 years experience in high end design and UX we have the skills, experience and portfolio to wow.
Thinking of upgrading your website so that your website has the latest features and security? Our team can help and support your organisation upgrade or take over an existing maintenance contract.

Umbraco Integrations

Have an existing Umbraco website and need to integrate to a third party system like Salesforce CRM, Highrise or Microsoft Dynamics? We’ve got the team and experience to effortlessly understand, integrate and streamline your business processes.

Umbraco Migrations

Are you looking to migrate an existing site to Umbraco? Or maybe to move your Umbraco website to another CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla? Do you need the eCommerce functionality of Magento integrated into your Umbraco website or connectivity with a legacy system?
We’ve handled many complex CMS migrations and integrations across multiple technologies and platforms. Trust that you’re in safe hands and we’ll handle required backups, testing and migrations with professional, tried and tested methodologies. 

Umbraco SEO

We can provide industry leading SEO services to ensure that your on site SEO and website is technically sound. With on site ranking factors playing a large part in your website(s) visibility, we’ll ensure your site is built using best practice techniques as described by Google and Moz.

The Benefits of Umbraco CMS

  • Easy To Use At All Levels – The CMS is simple to pick up by your content team, editors and web masters and also web development teams. Spend less time training and hiring.
  • The Utmost Simplicity – The Umbraco UI (User Interface) is very simple and easy to use, ensuring that you can create, curate and publish content quickly and easy without worrying how.
  • Media Made Easy – Umbraco carefully and easily manages your media assets such as photos, and with built in editing and responsive capabilities, it means your team don’t need specialist knowledge in photo editing programs to get content loaded onto the web.
  • Well Connected – Umbraco is completely open source and offers both .NET and REST APIs meaning you can connect your website to third party systems such as Salesforce or Sharepoint.
  • Built For Speed – With a stripped back and simple UI and code base, the back and front end system is very fast, both for your team and for your users that are visiting your websites.
  • Professional Support If You Need it – Use our team or the vast support community… Umbraco even offer support directly from their dedicated support team.
  • Load Content From Applications Such as MS Word – If your team is familiar with applications such as MS Word you’re able to write content and articles and publish them straight from your program. Ideal for content rich and news websites
  • Out of the box in minutes – Umbraco offers easy to use ‘starter kits’ (similar to website themes) that mean you can get a website up and running in minutes. If you are looking to test a platform before you use it, or launch a ‘quick and simple’ solution as in interim measure whilst your main website is being launched, this is a popular and cost effective solution for many teams.

When We Think Umbraco Should Be Considered?


  • Secure Brochure Websites
  • Large Multi National Corporate Websites
  • Marketing Campaign Sites
  • Multi Language Websites
  • Businesses with websites that are fast growing and scaling
  • Mobile Platform Applications

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