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An exclusive digital platform connecting international art galleries and collectors. Artwide is host to hundreds of unique pieces spanning contemporary and traditional styles from every single continent.

What did they need from us?

Artwide needed to find a way to fuse art with digital; two worlds that haven’t always been the most natural of companions. To get it right, they needed a seamless interface that could connect buyers and sellers. Consigning and acquiring artwork comes with sizeable transactions, so a secure and confidential trading platform was absolutely essential here. We were ready for the challenge.

How did we help?

A secure platform with a sleek look and feel

This is an extremely specific target market, and the project called for a hugely collaborative approach to the design plan and development strategy.

Following extensive consultation, we came back to them with a totally bespoke luxury web design.

The design offered the kind of high security and information protection that would allow users to trade confidently. Plus, an easy to use search function made it simple to browse the collections.