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Bodilson means inspiration. Inspiration to create a unique identity and install a peaceful and relaxed mood in your interiors. Inspiration to generate beautiful memories in your home; either during those unwinding moments when you find yourself alone or during the cherished and cheerful moments you spend with your loved ones.

By combining different products and styles in unexpected ways, while maintaining harmony, Bodilson helps all its customers make their home the best place possible. After all, well-balanced interiors have a tremendously positive impact on the people who experience them.

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What did they need from us?

Bodilson is not just a Dutch brand but the embodiment of Dutch design. The influence of the Dutch tranquillity, space and nature is clearly reflected throughout its collection of luxury furniture and home products. What Bodilson has accomplished is to organically tie together Scandinavian minimalism and Italian design.

Bodilson wants its customers to have the opportunity to express freely their character and lifestyle through their furnishings. Interior design choices show exactly who we are, how we want to live and what we stand for. This is why it is so important that its customers feel an instant connection to the comfortable, warm and luxurious Bodilson interiors.

What the Appnova team did was to create and deliver a bespoke eCommerce website that appealed to the savvy shopper that looks for inspirational, unique and luxury furniture products.

And every single Bodilson luxury furniture and home product is made of rich materials of great quality. The design is immaculate, the aesthetic standards insuperable, the vibe cosmopolitan and the atmosphere so surprisingly intimate. It is no wonder then that Bodilson needed a site that would carefully balance design, functionality and harmony.

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How did we help?

Appnova created a bespoke eCommerce website for the luxury and creative Dutch furniture brand, Bodilson.

Keeping in mind that Bodilson is a brand that creates genuine Dutch furniture – combining Scandinavian minimalism with Italian design – the Appnova team created a tailor made, simple but high-quality and elegant bespoke eCommerce website design, using the Shopify platform.

The Appnova team wanted the Bodilson website to effortlessly and pleasantly stimulate the senses and express the brand's pure minimalistic Scandinavian identity by offering an eCommerce website that makes furniture shopping as easy as possible.

The result? Bodilson launched their new, re-organised and simplified, multi-lingual site created by Appnova (taking into consideration all valuable information and requirements gathered during the research phase of the project) and they are now able to showcase their full product catalogue, offering the user an unforgettable journey to the quintessence of Dutch design.

The re-designed Bodilson ecommerce site will allow the brand to continue its digital roadmap over the next 12-18 months with ease. With the enhanced and easy to manage back-end Shopify website designed by Appnova, it will be simple to achieve.