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Paid Advertising Campaign

Born out of a love for beauty and high fashion, Browns Bride uses their trained eyes to uncover beautiful wedding dresses from highly talented, contemporary designers from all around the world.

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What did they need from us?

Browns Bride has already cultivated a trusted identity based upon their knowledge of passionate stylists to bring personal, enjoyable and memorable experiences to their visitors. Having successfully established their online and offline reputation, they wanted to drive more appointments to their Mayfair store. We stepped in to build and execute a robust paid media advertising strategy, positioning these ads in front of their target audience for greatest effect.

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How did we help?

Paid Advertising Campaign for An Upscale Bridal Boutique

Having a specific audience in mind, we started running retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google Search Ads to maximise conversions. Using our expertise alongside input from the Browns Bride’s in-house team, we crafted inspiring content focused on empowering our marketing messaging.

The performance of the campaign has been improving week-on-week with a significant increase in impressions, clicks and conversions, currently achieving a click-through rate of 3.46%. Through constant optimisation and monitoring, in the first month of the campaign we have reached a 28% increase in appointments booked on a weekly basis.

  • In the first month we achieved a click-through rate of 3.46% which is higher than industry standards.
  • In the first month we generated 59,500 impressions and 1,882 clicks through Facebook & Instagram.
  • In the first month we generated 9,500 impressions and 1,244 clicks through Google Text Ads.
  • In the first month we received the total of 28 booked appointments.