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Starting life in 1870, family business Cranchi came from humble beginnings. Now worldwide, their experienced team build some of the finest yachts and boats in the world.

What did they need from us?

They needed a multi-language website to showcase their luxury yachts. Cranchi customers are looking for efficiency, innovation and reliability. So it made sense that these values were the focus of their site design. Beginning with the brand’s heritage, the aim was to take their customer on a meaningful journey through to purchase.

How did we help?

A user-focussed, multi-language site for the Italian and UK markets

Taking the time to understand the customer journey and purchase behaviours before beginning work, we were able to design the site completely around the user.

Following a detailed user experience and design phase, we built the site using a custom theme WordPress CMS.

A bespoke image gallery function and a worldwide dealer location plugin made for an experience as seamless as the product we were showcasing.