Lawson Robb

Design & UX, Website

Lawson Robb are experts in forward-thinking interior design. A global leader offering a highly coutured service for high-end clients, with a portfolio spanning London’s Mayfair to Dubai.

What did they need from us?

They came to us for a digital platform that could showcase their truly spectacular work. Specialists in timeless luxury design, their team have formed longstanding relationships with their clients. Our goal was to translate their values into a digital experience. What does that look like? To us: a beautiful site design, featuring full-screen images and an intuitive journey for the user.

How did we help?

A stylish digital showcase for their portfolio

We came back to them with a site that delivered on our shared vision.

There was a lot to live up to when it came to great design, but our minimalist visual aesthetic and careful curation of images made for an elegant end-result.

We achieved the sleek user journey with a clear navigation and responsive design. Plus, by optimising for mobile, we made sure that the website was as visible and accessible as possible.