Pocket Wardrobe

Apps, Creative & Brand Designing, Website

Pocket Wardrobe’s vision is personal shopping, taken to the next level. Connecting smart shoppers and the stylists with the expertise to solve any sartorial challenge put infront of them.

What did they need from us?

An interface that could connect a passionate community. Pocket Wardrobe users are smart, busy style-hunters who need their shopping services fast and digital. The ask here was a platform that could take the hassle out of curating a wardrobe. It’s innovative, it’s about collaboration. It’s all of our favourite stuff, and we were more than happy to step in.

How did we help?

A perfectly personalised shopping experience

We came back with a sophisticated app with a sleek UX design. Users begin by creating a personal profile to receive tailored style recommendations. They can join a conversation, or make specific requests which are responded to in real-time by a personal shopper.

We delivered a platform that addressed multi-faceted user experiences. Our eyes, as always, on a luxury final look and feel.