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With over 15 years' experience, with focused passion and accumulated knowledge, with stern dedication, with bold creativity and with meticulous attention to the tiniest detail, ROOBBA designs and offers beautiful furniture of unique and minimalistic elegance at the best price! This is why it came as no surprise – at all – when recently, the British Vogue referred to ROOBBA as the ultimate destination for luxury affordable furniture.

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What did they need from us?

ROOBBA needed a fresh, up-to-date look that would perfectly match their design aesthetic and signature luxury style in order to reach even broader audiences. What the Appnova team did was to create and deliver a user-experience design that appealed to the savvy shopper looking for luxury furniture at a great price target market.

ROOBBA also wanted to accentuate its minimalistic approach and further showcase its stunning elegance, while keeping it simple and easy to shop either a single piece of furniture or a complete collection (for a dining room, a living room or a bedroom).

How We Help Roobba

How did we help?

Appnova created the gold standard for ROOBBA’s luxury affordable furniture, as described by British Vogue.

In order to best respond to ROOBBA's requirements and deliver the ultimate user experience design, the Appnova team took note of all of ROOBBA’s core values: Quality, Ease, Sustainability and Community. With these core values – always in our minds – we set out to create a Quality ecommerce website that, just by its design, would facilitate consumers to shop individual products or entire collections with Ease.

Furthermore, the ROOBBA site was built on a principle of Sustainable UX in order to reduce the load time and data retrieving (as sites with large amounts of data require more energy from the user, compared to the ones with fewer amounts of data). The adoption and use of the WooCommerce platform, a staple of eCommerce, was nothing less than an optimal solution!

In addition, we made sure that ROOBBA's site would display – clearly and efficiently – the brand's Instagram Community and Collaborations. This way, consumers can share their luxury pieces with the entire ROOBBA community just by tagging @roobbahome or get the latest updates (on Collabs or other actions and activities) directly from the company's design Community.

The Appnova team, apart from emphasising ROOBBA’s core values, ideated and delivered a website design that includes beautiful (and complete) galleries where users have the possibility to look around and shop the Whole Look by instantly adding it to their baskets with just 1-click. Our minimalistic navigation system also includes elegant and smart icons for all the categories on the website.

Every component, every element, every module, every page and every single function was carefully designed with one purpose only; to deliver the quickest possible path towards purchase.

The conclusion? ROOBBA believes that your home should be a source of inspiration and this is what ROOBBA desires to offer to all its customers! Sources of Inspiration! Here, at Appnova, we strive to do the same: INSPIRE! And we sincerely hope that we have accomplished exactly this; to inspire YOU to come and meet US!