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Design & UX, eCommerce Development

Thaden blossomed from the desire to create exquisite, singular and empowers bag that aligns with the true, dynamic and free woman of today. Thaden license no boundaries and believe that the world holds no boundaries for the Thaden women.


What did they need from us?

Thaden wants to create a connection to a women’s inner strength, to unfold and show it off to the world through a piece of art. At the nexus of design, artisanship and authenticity, a Thaden bag not only expresses a distinctive aesthetic, but also a mood, an attitude, a personality. In a language of lines, shapes, colours and textures all its own, and universal at the same time. In a language of love, kindness, awareness and strength.

Thaden were launching their brand-new collection by the Summer of 2021, being a luxury brand with an artistic edge, providing a unique and curated range of handbags for their target audience. They aim to stand out from the crowd by showcasing their products through creative elements and leveraging technology to create a clean and elegant design.

How did we help?

eCommerce Design & Development for a luxury handbag brand with an artistic edge.

Thaden were looking for a digital partner who would build their eCommerce platform and allow their carefully crafted concepts to come to life, through beautiful, design, a seamless platform and to recite the brands story through inspiring digital experience.

Appnova’s solution incorporated many different elements. A new design was created to reflect the versatile and unique quality of Thaden’s products with an image-focused and visually stimulating look to showcase every detail of the product and to highlight the brands core values. With the new design provided, Appnova wanted to ensure an exceptional user experience with a modern look & feel while incorporating an easy-to-use navigation that guides the visitor throughout the site. As a result of living in a mobile dominated atmosphere, the website had to be fully optimised using responsive web design across screen sizes and paying careful attention to the busy on the go mobile users. Finally, to sell Thaden’s products, a modern and lifestyle driven eCommerce site was required to grow the business. The eCommerce platform was built to highlight the brand guidelines and to ensure that the brand’s message was felt across the site.

In order to incorporate all elements, Appnova first began an in-depth discovery phase where we look into the core ideas, vision and how we can make it blossom and evolve. In this discovery stage we define the key focus areas of the project and aim to take all of the client’s ideas and creative inspirations and mould them into a visual and tangible experience.

  • Once complete, we enter our design process which is highly creative and most importantly collaborative. We start with accurate analysis of Thaden’s brand DNA and vision, we then add our experience of over 100 fashion, luxury and lifestyle projects which have been successfully completed across five continents. Our design phase consists of three key sections, design concept, responsive design and finally the responsive HTML development.
  • Our design concept phase consisted of envisioning a website with a strongly image-based architecture, clean and minimalist UI, and a modular structure that will be flexible and future-proof, reflecting the industry’s best practices. Imagery, typography and graphic details tailored to the brand’s unique aesthetic will be our underlying theme. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) considerations will be paramount in the UX and visual design phases. We will consider the design of key landing pages throughout this process.
  • Responsive design phase enables to site to adapt to the screen size of the user and it is here where we will provide a simple look and feel allowing for breakpoints, highlighting mobile and desktop. Finally, we will transform the Photoshop mock-ups into responsive HTML pages using HTML5 and CSS3 and the responsive version will include breakpoints for desktop and smartphone while ensuring that the site will be compatible with all the major browsers.
  • Thaden seen digital growth double after its eCommerce site was provided by Appnova. Appnova provided a bespoke website which utilised the WordPress platform as it incorporates flexibility, themes, SEO and woocommerce. These were all determined as important factors ensuring that Thaden’s were granted an efficient and accomplished site.