Su Barchile

Creative & Branding, Design & UX, Website

Su Barchile is a well-loved restaurant in Sardinia. Their speciality is high quality, traditional seafood dishes crafted with love and care.

What did they need from us?

A priority for Su Barchile was a flexible, easy-to-use CMS that would allow them to update content on a regular basis. Their big task was to find a way to offer their newly global customer a digital experience as memorable and their dinner. We like to think of translating experiences across cultures as a speciality of ours and we were more than ready for the challenge.

How did we help?

Responsive design and a custom content management system

Our UX and development teams helped them out with a new site to engage their fast-growing user base.

We chose a custom CMS with an integrated WordPress that gave them the option to choose between automatic translation and onsite services from professional translators.

The focus was on consistent experiences, and our design was totally responsive to support their mobile and tablet using customers.