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UKABC is the leading organisation on all matters involving ASEAN. The UK-ASEAN Business Council (UKABC) provides awareness on the latest opportunities in the region and facilitates trade and investment content delivery for UK companies looking to expand their operations into markets across Southeast Asia.


What did they need from us?

Created out of UK Trade & Investment’s 2011 Strategy ‘Britain Open for Business’, UKABC is passionate about helping UK companies of all sizes export and invest in one of the most exciting, vibrant and fastest-growing regions in the world.

UKABC were looking for a digital partner to build a more appealing and easier-to-use website. UKABC goal and bottom line was to be able to provide end users with the ability to navigate the website easily, finding information they need in less time and obtaining a better understanding of UKABC’s importance and activity. UKABC also felt it was imperative that UKABC staff will be able to manage the website in less time due to the integrated backend and a solid, modern platform.


How did we help?

A modern, efficient and integrated WordPress-driven website for non-profit organization UKABC.

The solution Appnova provided consisted of a WordPress 4 website natively integrated with components for events, business opportunities and news management.

The new look-and-feel will help UKABC to attract new businesses and to establish its presence as a reliable and smart partner.

Appnova also provided a newsletter component and database in a WordPress-integrated newsletter plugin while utilising a regional interactive map which showcases information and data about the countries in the area.

We created a unique and modern website design that perfectly encompasses the vision and quality of UKABC by virtue of a visually enticing look and feel while also providing an easy-to-use navigation.

Appnova stepped in to build a beautiful website using WordPress platform that takes a user on a journey through UKABC. The final product is a distinctive website showcasing the unique offerings of UKABC.