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Is web design dead?

Is web design dead?

”Web design has no future’’, according to Mashable. A bold statement to make? While it has brought to many designers’ attention, it doesn’t mean that web design has become irrelevant. So is web design dead? To balance the debate, we’ll need to look at the other end of the argument.

When is a live chat function really beneficial for online businesses?

live chat function

AnyTalk, BoldChat, LivePerson… If you are an online business owner, you might have heard at least one of those names. From a simple to highly customised solution, there is quite a number of online chat services to choose from. As traditional customer support methods like phone and/or email are deemed too slow and unsuitable, live chat function seems to be the most appropriate way to nurture better customer relationships.

How to create a user journey map to improve user satisfaction?

user journey map

Digital marketers are not much interested in a web visit that randomly lands on a particular website. On the other hand, marketers do care about the visitors with clear needs and goals in mind. To understand the end users better, we often invest time in creating and designing effective customer journey maps for almost every project we take care of.

Hospitality services in the digital age: Leveraging technology for better customer experience

hospitality services in the digital age

Hospitality businesses need to understand and adapt to the rapidly changing customer expectations. The quest for experience-focused holidays is not exclusive for the generation of vintage fashion and cool tattoos. The luxury travelers, who are supposedly at the other end of the hospitality market segment, are also looking out for personalised experiential travel.

Fostering creative thinking and building shared identities: Basic techniques of Lego Serious Play at Mini Meetup

lego serious play

Today most of our meetings and discussions are dominated by verbal and numerical formats. You’re probably aware that they don’t always lead to insightful and productive communications. But what about other underexplored ways of conveying important information that help unlock new business opportunities and innovations?

Setting social media personas as the priority of your SMM strategy.

social media personas

Developing ‘a strong social bond’ using social media marketing (SMM) is likely to be translated into better offline relationships with customers, which in turn, build a long-term customer loyalty. Since social media is no longer ‘the wild child of the marketing department’, brands need to focus on developing a powerful strategy in order to gear social media to more leads and sales.