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The immersive luxury retail experience: Burberry, Fendi, Givenchy & Marc Jacobs

Fendi's immersive retail experience

While digital has dominated the way we shop, it hasn’t outweighed the merit of in-person and first-hand brand experience. So how do luxury fashion brands go about to create immersive luxury retail experience?

#InstagramAlgorithm: Will the end of Instagram’s organic reach mean more brands flocking to Snapchat?

Instagram's organic reach

As Instagram is moving to ‘algorithmically sorted feeds’ that rank posts against one another, will the death of Instagram’s organic reach eventually encourage more brands to shift their priorities to Snapchat?

Mobile live-streaming marketing: The fall of Meerkat


Despite all the publicity, the hype has calmed down (to say the least) over the past year. A recent report by L2 reveals that Meerkat in iSO ranking among social media apps has experienced a steady decline to about 400. Meanwhile, Periscope has remained within the top 10.

Generation Z : A call for a whole new marketing language [Infographic]

Generation Z

Generation Z – ‘the most influential generation in history’. Generation Z – ‘the most influential generation in history’. Nevertheless, many brands and researchers are still geared towards the millennials while downplaying the Gen Z.

Hospitality web design: essential UX tweaks for a better online booking experience

hospitality web design

One of the challenges facing hospitality web design is to have a seamless online booking tool to compete against OTAs who are inherently adept at the digital online experience.

FinTech: a threat to the traditional banking industry?


Moving away from the traditional methods, FinTech presents a much more efficient, transparent and convenient way of financing using cutting-edge digital platforms. They are capable of delivering customer-centred services at a more affordable and accessible manner than the established financial institutions. So is it ‘sapping away’ the existing big players?