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#HashtagActivism: How powerful (if not useless at all)?

hashtag activism

As Twitter celebrates its 10th anniversary, we think it’s worth taking a look back at how hashtags have influenced our lives. And one aspect of it is the rise of hashtag activism. Firstly coined by media outlets, it ‘refers to the use of Twitter’s hashtag for in internet activism’. Today, discussions and debates are taking place more frequently online.

Is anger the undeniable force behind viral content?

Is anger the undeniable force behind viral content?

If you’ve watched the latest Pixar movie Inside Out, you’d probably remember one of the characters named ‘Anger’. This red, hot-headed creature, somehow managed to remind me that this seemingly negative emotion has a key effect in the virality of social media content.

The evolution of diamond marketing

diamond marketing

Despite the popular saying ‘diamonds are forever’, they weren’t eternal in the first place. Diamonds, as we know today, has constantly been re-imagined by the industry’s relentless and savvy marketing efforts since the early 1900s.

The immersive luxury retail experience: Burberry, Fendi, Givenchy & Marc Jacobs

Fendi's immersive retail experience

While digital has dominated the way we shop, it hasn’t outweighed the merit of in-person and first-hand brand experience. So how do luxury fashion brands go about to create immersive luxury retail experience?

#InstagramAlgorithm: Will the end of Instagram’s organic reach mean more brands flocking to Snapchat?

Instagram's organic reach

As Instagram is moving to ‘algorithmically sorted feeds’ that rank posts against one another, will the death of Instagram’s organic reach eventually encourage more brands to shift their priorities to Snapchat?