What crazy things people search on the Internet?

When you have a question, who do you turn to?

Your friends or family? – Nope, Google has the answer.

Many of you might go straight to Google first before asking anyone.

When I want to know how to cook asparagus, I Google it. No one would be bothered to look it up on Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks. Google knows everything – from generic to technical questions, like “what is the meaning of life?” or “how to fix a toaster”.

But some people type very weird (and sometimes creepy) things on Google Search.

A while ago, SearchFactory published an infographic about the crazy things people search on Google. They used Google’s auto-complete suggestions to find out some weird and funny things people ask on Google.

Here are several of them:

  • “Why did I get married” (40.5K average monthly searches)
  • “How to hide a dead body” (19K average monthly searches)
  • “Is Lady Gaga a man?” (18.1 average monthly searches)
  • “Why do men have nipples?” (18K average monthly searches)
  • “How do I use Google” (1K average monthly searches)

And they did a follow-up (because the first one was quite a success).

So again, it tries to unearth what crazy things people of the Internet are thinking these days (to put in an oversimplified way).

Some might sound funny. Some might make you question humanity. Others might even blow your mind away.

Crazy things people search on Google

What do you think?

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