Why choose a Digital Agency London?


That’s an approximate number of search results that’s likely to come up when you type “Digital Agency London” on Google.  

With all the ads competing over the top page, finding the best fit digital agency can be an overwhelming process. Today, there are perhaps more than hundreds of digital agency in the entire UK, and it has become a vital force of the country’s economy.

“London”, particularly, is the crucial factor for attracting world’s top tech talents, reinforcing UK’s dominant position as the global leader in the sector. London, with its cultural uniqueness, stacks up against Silicon Valley as an European tech hub. In 2016, the ”Internet economy” is estimated to account for 10 percent of total UK GDP, according to the Times.  

Based in the heart of London, we think that London’s diversity, creativity as well as its long-standing tradition have always served as a competitive edge in the digital age.

Unquestionably, location is not the only factor to be considered. Sometimes choosing the right agency requires more than a technical and practical approach. Because it is also about choosing the right partner whom you can trust to share your ideas with.

As a digital agency in London, we’ll explore the key processes and qualities that clients often look for to find the perfect match.

Don’t just swallow everything Google says.

Well, firstly we need to make this clear: Even the so-called “top agencies” do not always translate into the perfect match for every customer. Let’s be honest here: not every client who knocks on our door turn into our long-term partner.

Every agency has a unique “personality”, often reflected in the company culture or expertise, that makes them distinctive from the others. So when selecting or short-listing agencies, don’t forget to take “soft measures” into account along with other quantifiable qualities. What happens often in many giant agencies is that you’ll likely to meet the senior-level consultants in the first meeting. However most assuredly, you will also likely to never see those senior figures again after you signed the contract until, if lucky, the very end of the project.   

Now, this is where client reviews and testimonials become useful measuring tools. Or even an agency’s social media like Twitter can be helpful by looking at what other people are tweeting about them.

Is innovation just another buzzword?

As technologies evolve, the landscape of digital agency also inevitably and constantly reinvent itself.

Does your choice of a digital agency always have a keen eye on new technologies? A genuinely cutting-edge digital agencies are always in the loop with innovation and are always critical when gauging how/which latest technology solutions are profitable for clients. They’re also keen to use data-driven techniques effectively to back their creative work.
For us, digital and creative often come hand in hand; we can’t compromise either of them. Without innovation, a big idea can never be executed. Without creativity, innovation could easily lose its direction.
Digital is not limited to the world of marketing either. It is embedded in almost every part of everyday life, changing the way we consume goods and information. So how can you check that you’re offered the most modern digital solutions by a forward looking partner? Amongst all the options, the quickest one is to go through their activities through, for example, blog page.     


“Expertise doesn’t grow on trees.”

Experience matters. But more importantly, having the relevant experience that you need is the key to a project’s success. Is your choice of digital agency in the know of the certain industry or market you are tapping into?

A digital agency with an extensive and diverse experience will immediately get your business ideas, your brand and your target market. Their strategies are not limited to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. A profound understanding of a diverse range of client allows experienced digital agencies to take a tailored, yet consistent, digital approach and methodologies.
This is why many long-standing digital firms are specialised in creating bespoke digital solutions that fit specifically to different clients. Simply check their portfolios to find if an agency has experience working with a project like yours.

Understand the strengths and weaknesses

Does the agency’s strengths align with your unique needs?
Every agency has their own areas of expertise as well as areas to improve. “The dividing factor between good and amazing agency is how fast they can recognise their shortcomings and how they tackle them.”, says the Forbes.
As a client, it is always reassuring to understand your own challenges and limitations first to help what key skillsets you should look for from agencies to “fill in the gap”.

What do you think?

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