• A mobile app offering personalised shopping experiences
  • Designed for the multifaceted user

About Pocket Wardrobe

Appnova helped Pocket Wardrobe design and develop a fashion and lifestyle website and a mobile app where users can interact with fashion stylists, shop assistants and other in-the-know fashionistas.

Our design and UX team primarily focused on analysing and understanding the demographics of end users to make the most user-friendly mobile experience. The outcome is a sophisticated and easy-to-navigate mobile app that connects shoppers to their favourite fashion brands and vice versa. 

Filling the gap

Our client is a passionate fashion start-up company. The journey started from a curious question – ‘‘how can we help the young and busy professionals do clothing shopping in the most efficient and interactive way?’’

Having worked as professional fashion stylists themselves, our client were very aware of how time-pressed and tech-obsessed the young professionals are today. So they came to Appnova, looking for an innovative solution to address the modern shopping problems for busy, fashion-conscious urban professionals.

What are the challenges?

Unlike any other conventional fashion eCommerce apps, Pocket Wardrobe encompasses a multi-layered and complex mobile app interface. It is a fashion community platform where multiple actors can participate and interact with one another in an easy way.

From a shopper’s perspective, Pocket Wardrobe provides the users with opportunities to gain useful and first-hand fashion advices, discover fresh information and offers from fashion experts.

For retailers and stylists, the app is a creative tool to communicate and establish close relationships with shoppers.

So we needed an UX and UI solution that effectively caters to the interests of the fashion community including shoppers, stylists and stores.

Finding the innovative solutions

Two most important aspects were:

  • To create the most beautifully presented and user-friendly mobile design.
  • To develop an interface that addresses multifaceted user perspectives.

A fashion mobile app that you never heard of…

The mobile app allows the community to socialise with one another easily, and find their favourite brands straight away. Every aspect of the platform encourages users to post, comment, participate and interact.

Shopping shouldn’t be only about fulfilling material needs. It should be about an exclusive, interactive and fun ‘experience’.


‘’ As well as having a collaborative and attentive approach, Appnova helped us underpin the key strengths of our proposition with inventiveness and creativity. […] Innovative, cooperative, unfazed by hurdles and fun to work with, we’re delighted with what they did and thrilled with our new app. ‘’

 – Debbie, co-founder of Pocket Wardrobe. 

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