That’s not true, a landing page is not “all you need”, but certainly helps a lot to boost your online sales. Plus, the headline sounded catchy! Anyway, now that we have your attention: how smart is your landing page?

Here is an interesting fact – first impression is made in only 7 seconds, according to Forbes Online. This means that the first 7 seconds determine how visitors perceive and experience your eCommerce site.

It’s just so easy to lose your visitors’ interests within only 7 seconds. Apparently, 57% of consumers are likely to leave the page after waiting for more than 3 seconds. 92.6% think that visual designs of sites are ‘top influential factor’ affecting their shopping behaviour (see

So how to boost your online sales? – as first impression matters, everything boils down to your landing page!

What is exceptional about the idea, as opposed to normal web page, is that a landing page is much more focused on one specific campaign or product/service and targeted on particular audience.

What is so special about landing pages?

It turns out that landing pages can improve user experience and increase conversion rate. Having a landing page can increase quality score and reduce your cost per click on Google, while your competitor offers visitors a generic landing web page. Your marketing team can gather valuable and specific information on conversions. A successful landing page not only generates leads, but also gives great insight into your visitors’ activities and traffic on individual campaigns (

How smart is your landing page?

Sadly, a landing page clustered with texts and images belong to the past. Today, consumers are already fed up with too much fluff talk and glossy decorations, says Messy landing pages are no longer the answer to how to boost your online sales.

So, a landing page should look something like this. Simple, minimalist and focused. 

The landing page above has no navigation but one button. The message is pretty straightforward, isn’t it? By taking navigation off the page and focusing on a single and clear Call-To-Action campaign, the visitors will be able to find exactly what they are looking for.

Remember the 7-second-rule. Your visitors have no time to wander around your generic web page. Having a landing page that features specific keywords, on the other hand, allows your visitor to find the most relevant information immediately.

When it comes to first impressions, I can’t stress enough on the impact of design factor. Like the example above, a good landing page features a background image, contrasting colours and a layout that draw visitors’ attention to CTA or opt-in box. No distractions. The message is simple and clear. 

Obviously, you want to go a step further to stand out from your competition. You are in the right place because landing pages offer you a space where you can explore creativity ( You don’t have to stick to boring rules of your company website. Since your landing page should be directed to targeted audience, you can feature customised content and video. The eCommerce site for bicycles -‘My Own Bike’- shows an excellent combination of simple design and interactive interface that enables the users to create a virtual, bespoke bicycle. In addition, the price varies according to what you choose (so that you won’t feel being ripped off when you check-out!).

Since each landing page has different purpose, (some want to sell a bicycle online, others might simply want people to subscribe) each should have unique content. But the framework they should follow are …

  • Clear and concise headline
  • Keywords that appear on ads, content, headers etc
  • Social sharing links
  • No or few navigation
  • Clear CTA
  • Image that is relevant and impactful

More landing pages, more leads!

The more landing pages you’ll have, the more likely they will generate business leads and boost your online sales (simply because you will communicate with various types of audience).

So, your landing page is your brand’s new face. And it only takes about 7 seconds for your users to decide on their next moves, your landing page should be smart-looking and eye-catching with a conversion-driven design.

So how to boost your online sales? – Create successful landing pages now to generate leads and conversion rate on your online shop!



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