A few years ago, mobile has become the preferred way of web browsing over desktop. There is no doubt that we are surrounded by smartphones and optimising for mobile is an absolute must to drive sales. In fact, more than a half of all Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. By failing to satisfy mobile shoppers, you’re really missing out on making significant profit.

Statistically, 79% people who own a smartphone have made a purchase using their device in the past six months. Shoppers use their phones even in brick-and-mortar stores to find better deals- 80% admitted they used mobile phone inside of a physical store to either look up product reviews, compare prices or find alternative store locations. Ignoring these trends means ignoring a majority of your potential customers and can result in lower mobile commerce conversion rate.

There are two main ways for consumers to make purchases using their mobile devices- from mobile websites or directly from mobile apps. If you’re reading this, you probably have a mobile-friendly website in place and you’re rel="noopener noreferrer" familiar with content strategy that increases eCommerce conversion. Now you’re wondering- how can I increase my mobile conversion rate? Luckily, we have the answer to that. Launching a mobile app for your eCommerce store is a great opportunity to drive even more sales and maximise your rel="noopener noreferrer" revenue, simply because mobile shoppers spend twice as much money as other customers!

If the above haven’t convinced you yet, why don’t we go over mobile conversion rate optimisation and how mobile apps can help you effectively drive more sales and grow your eCommerce business.

The rise of In-App shopping

Mobile is the future of eCommerce, and we all know that. 53% rel="noopener noreferrer" of smartphone users buy from company-specific apps and conversion rates from such apps are three times higher than mobile sites! Mobile commerce keeps growing and it is not too late to optimise your site for mobile, to make sure your customers won’t leave and start shopping at your competitor’s site. In addition, it is also the right time to begin thinking about building a mobile app for your store.

Why are we bragging about these apps? That’s because the majority of the time we spend on our smartphones is spent using different apps. Why rely only on your website to drive sales and increase a conversion rate for your business, if you have a huge opportunity for growth just round the corner? If you decide to launch an app, the chances of people opening it more than once during the day is high. Once they open it, it is your time to convince them to make a purchase.

Mobile-app usage grows 6% year-over-year and shopping apps in fact, had the highest growth rate in terms of daily sessions. There are many reasons why consumers prefer mobile apps to a mobile site, and here are some of them:

  • Convenience
  • Speed
  • Storage of settings and preferences
  • Rewards for using it
  • Content is more personalised
  • Finding better deals
  • More entertaining

More than a half of consumers think that mobile apps are faster and more convenient. Customers are becoming more demanding and they are going to choose the easiest way to shop and it better not be with your competitor, right? In order to encourage people to download and use your app you need to make it as user friendly as possible, to ensure your loyal customers keep coming back for more.

Top Tips to Increase Conversion Rate through Mobile App

Analysing your conversion rate and user behaviour are key factors to running a successful eCommerce store, both on desktop and mobile. How many people are visiting your site daily? How many abandon their carts without completing a purchase? The lower the number, the more you have to improve. Here are some top tips to help you solve the problem of low conversion rates.

Simplify the forms

No one likes filling up the forms, especially at the checkout when we’re expected to complete the purchase. On smaller screens, these rules apply even more. Make sure you use vertical alignment, so all of the items fit on the page and if the form contains too much information, divide it into a few steps. Make the process simple and offer saving customer’s details, so they can easily access it in the future. Nothing is more frustrating when having troubles when putting details in and not being able to complete the purchase at that right moment.

User-friendly approach

First impressions really matter, that’s why it’s essential to nail your mobile app design. Usability and finding information with ease, that’s all your shoppers really want. Great design can encourage users to interact with your content and not give a reason to leave. Make sure customer journeys are fulfilled by analysing user behaviour and ensuring the app doesn’t crash in the decision-making process. Make all of you in-app content, including marketing campaigns mobile-friendly to encourage users to convert. 

Visible call-to-actions

CTAs are what drives customer journeys and interactions on your site and app. They should stand out from the surroundings and have a clear and persuasive caption that communicates with your visitors. Consider using different colours, capital letters or placing your CTAs in the centre of a page. These small details can really improve your conversion.

Speed comes first

Statistically, 40% of people abandon sites that take more than 30 seconds to load. Your app should be responsive and have a mobile-friendly design in order to load fast. What really helps is optimising your images for mobile devices that significantly decreases loading time. Speed really matters and is one of the rules of improving mobile conversion rates.

Include various payment methods

Inputting your credit card details on a mobile device is very frustrating and can take much longer than doing it on desktop. Complicated checkout process is one of the main reasons why people abandon their carts and never complete the purchase.  Considering that your users are shopping via app, include many convenient payment options, such as Apple Pay and PayPal which will make the process much easier for your customers. 

Autocomplete and Personalisation

When users find what they were looking for, they are more likely to convert. Reduce searching time by adding autocomplete as your functionality, just like Google does. This way, different users will be able to see available options and quickly find items. Filtering tools also help to find more relevant products with each selection. Make sure you personalise the experience for each one of your customers and provide them with tailored content, special offers and recommendations, and store their preferences to make their shopping experience even better.

Benefits of Ecommerce Mobile Apps

Mobile commerce has made shopping even more convenient, but what about the benefits of mobile apps? The newest applications use AI for customer service that deliver instant interaction with your customers and efficient problem-solving process. Ikea Place app and Sephora are top businesses that use augmented reality to enhance customer experience even further. The below are some other proven advantages of mobile eCommerce apps.

  • Different payment options. With mobile apps customer can now use different payment solutions such as Apple Pay, PayPal One-Touch, Visa Checkout and Amazon Pay.
  • Higher average order value. Mobile apps have an average order value 10% higher than mobile websites.
  • Lower cart abandonment rates. Mobile apps simplify the checkout process and cart abandonment rates are lower than on both desktop and mobile sites.
  • Higher conversion rates. Apps Thanks to apps being super easy to use, their conversion rates are 130% higher than on mobile sites.
  • Speed. Apps are known for their incredible speed, which matters to most of the online shoppers. 57% consumers said they prefer apps to mobile sites, because they are faster.


This article is the real proof that eCommerce depends on mobile, and this is where your main focus should be. Thanks to the data above, we know that customers prefer using mobile apps and that’s where they spend most of their money. Cart abandonment rates are much lower when compared with desktop and mobile rel="noopener noreferrer" sites, and conversion rates higher which matter us the most. This is the right moment to start thinking about building a slick mobile app for your eCommerce business to engage your audience and drive more revenue with best Android app development agencies like Appnova.

Let us know your favourite eCommerce mobile apps are in comments!



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