For those who may not already be aware, Shopify is a major eCommerce platform that houses both online stores and point of sale retailers. Founded in 2004, the company is now reliable to over 800,000 different businesses across the globe, including large brands such as Kylie Cosmetics. Receiving very positive Shopify POS reviews, users are ecstatic to use this new Spotify retail hardware.

In this post, we are going to explore Shopify’s newest retail hardware that was just released, review the insane benefits of it, and talk about how it is completely revolutionising in-person shopping.

What is Shopify’s New Hardware?

A new era to Shopify POS has been launched, and it is said to be the future of POS. Shopify unveils a new lineup of retail hardware that is changing the way Shopify users sell. With a sleek, minimal design and a faster, scannable output, this new Shopify compatible hardware is the new thrill of POS. 

Introduced was the “Tap and Chip” Shopify POS card reader,allowing employees to now be able to accommodate to customers with both the chip card reader, as well as those with the mobile scanner payments such as Apple Pay, an upgrade from the 2017 Shopify “Chip and Swipe” hardware. By 2022, it is predicted that around 74.9 million people will be mobile payment users, and that number will continue to rise.

What Makes This Superior?

It is no secret that in person shopping has declined since the rise of electronics, eCommerce, and online shopping. With companies now offering deals such as free next day delivery, the need and want to physically make a sale in person is declining significantly. According rel="noopener noreferrer" to a recent study, 51% of people would rather shop online than in store.

A significant reason why many people prefer to shop online is because it is much quicker and easier to shop online. With this new hardware system, Shopify is creating an in store shopping experience that will be both quicker, and more efficient. 

Features of the New Hardware

The new hardware offers a collection of products including a “Tap and Chip” reader, a “Tap and Chip” stand/charger, retail stand, as well as the POS software to make all the magic happen. Here are some of the best features of this new hardware.


Having the minimalistic and portable feature, this hardware creates a more interactive and personal in store shopping experience for the customer. Not only that, but it also connects to software that includes customer profiles, so as you are checking out or walking around the store, you can bring up past purchases or experiences that the customer has had, bringing a caring, personal touch to the purchase.


Having easy access to top products and information within the store and brand is so important for in store shopping. The software allows you to offer store credit for returns instead of dealing with a full refund, and also offers options for layaways and partial payments appealing to a larger market and being able to complete this from anywhere in the store, instead of having to wait at checkout.


Simplifying tasks in general is always a win, so keeping up to speed with the rise of mobile scanning payments is a must for your business.  The simple and sleek tap feature of the “Tap and Chip” reader brings a modern and simple way for customers to pay. Plus, if they have their card linked to your company’s mobile app, that brings more traffic to your app.


Having the ability to walk around freely with the scanner is one of the great benefits of this hardware. Whether you prefer to have it displayed on the checkout stand, or on the go with you around the store or an event, this hardware is about as portable as it gets with the power it brings.


This Shopify retail kit is not only sleek and modern, but will take up very minimal room on your checkout table, or in your bag or pocket if you are on the go. With the “Tap and Chip” reader connecting wirelessly to your tablet or mobile device, long and unnecessary cords and wires will not be an issue with this hardware.

These features are creating a brand new look to in person shopping, making the in store experience more interactive, quick, and efficient.

How Will This Hardware Affect The Retail Industry?

This hardware has the potential to completely change the retail industry in tremendous ways, specifically with marketing in Shopify.

There are many ways that companies go about their Shopify marketing strategy and tactics, but with this new hardware, the sky’s the limit. Here are a few strategies that will skyrocket your sales using the new, portable “Tap and Chip” reader.

Pop-Up Stores

With this hardware, Shopify stores are now able to plan pop-up stores in various locations and market them to get people in the store. Only being available for a limited time pushes customers to act immediately and get in while they can.

Host Events

Hosting events such as charity events or parties brings customers in the door to shop in person, while supporting a person, group, or charity. While this does involve a lot of planning, in the long run all your work will pay off. 

Influencer Collaborations/Meetups

Influencers are the new celebrities of the 21st century, and people will do anything to get to meet these people. Collaborating or hosting a meetup with these people will bring people to you and also, bring you lots of sales. During many of these meetups, it is required to make a purchase before meeting the influences, pushing people to make the in person sales.


Offering deals on social media for a day full of contests and giveaways in store only is sure to drive sales and spark customers to make in-person sales.  For example, hosting a giveaway where from 5-7pm every customer who makes a purchase gets a free tote bag. Little giveaways and incentives to come into the store brings interest to in store shopping.

What Brands Use Shopify?

One of the best features of Shopify, is that you can essentially sell everywhere you would like with this software. Companies such as Triangl, Chubbies, Pixi, Rebecca Minkoff, and many more all use Shopify for their eCommerce and retail needs.

Celebrity-Owned Shopify Stores

A big chunk of Shopify users consist of well known celebrities or influencers promoting their brands. For example, brands such as KKW Beauty by Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics by Jeffree Star. This new hardware offers a huge upgrade to how these brands sell their products.

Many of these celebrities and influencers will put on “meetups” or “pop up shops” for their online brand. With this new hardware, the shops are able to seamlessly shift their eCommerce store into an in-person shopping experience wherever they may be, as well as open doors for great potential in their eCommerce marketing. This offers multi-channel selling and is so powerful for being so minimalistic and pocket sized.

In Review

This new hardware is obviously a must-have for your Shopify store and is completely changing how in-store shopping and marketing runs.  Shopify’s new hardware is not only superior to any other eCommerce platform, but also highly successful in working with huge brands, and even celebrity brands.

Be sure to try out some of the ways to market your products with this new hardware, and best of luck trying out Shopify’s new hardware for yourself!



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