Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for online retailers, with 800,000 active stores to date. It allows merchants to manage every aspect of their business- from products to orders to customers, selling online, in retail stores, and on the go.

Shopify has generated $100 Billion worth of sales to date and is present in more than 175 countries. The company’s goal is to make commerce better for everyone, so business can focus on what they do best: building and selling their products, as well as learn how to boost eCommerce sales.

The company constantly works on improvements and has recently introduced users to new Shopify marketing feature, which helps them drive more sales worldwide. Let’s go through the tips on how to promote Shopify storeand you products, as well as craft an exceptional Shopify marketing strategy, and set your business for growth.

New Feature Brings New Possibilities

Every eCommerce store knows that a good marketing strategy in place is crucial, in order to drive more traffic to the site as well as maximise sales. Investing in paid ads and trying out different tools to build campaigns and track your progress is getting tough nowadays.

Every retailer wants to market their products to the right audience, in order to sell well and beat their competitors. Setting up paid ads is a must; however it is also a struggle for some and takes a lot of time, especially when searching for the right keywords and putting the content together.

Shopify has recently launched Marketing feature, which is a go to place to create, launch and measure campaigns, making the whole process easier than ever. Now, let’s discuss how your business can benefit from Shopify Marketing and how it all works.

Integrating World’s Largest Ad Platforms

Shopify opens the new doors for online retailers and allows to create, manage and track your marketing, all in one place. Integrating Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns and Facebook, it helps users reduce the tab overload and monitor everything directly from Shopify.

Shopify has become the first commerce platform to integrate Google’s new Smart Shopping campaigns. This new feature helps users to run effective Google campaigns without the need to be familiar with all of the advanced settings. Integrated into Shopify, it lets you set a daily budget to optimise for the highest sales value by automatically choosing which products to advertise and who to target.

Google collects your product information from Shopify, and creates ads, showing them to the most relevant audiences on both desktop and mobile, including Google search, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Display Network. During the process, Google’s Smart technology will analyse the results and use it to optimise your campaigns.

Other effective ad types in Shopify are Facebook Carousel ads. Instead of using a static ad, you can include up to five images, which encourages people to click through to learn more about your products or services. Shopify is still looking to include other types of Facebook marketing to make it easier for all eCommerce stores that want market themselves for growth.

Shopify Marketing Makes it Easy for Everyone

It takes minutes to build an entire campaign, from the beginning to the end, while setting it up in Shopify. Whether you’re using Google Smart Shopping or Facebook ads, Shopify automatically creates ad content using product imagery, titles and descriptions, grabbing all of the information from your online store.

Once your campaigns are in place and running, you can easily track the progress and results directly in Shopify, without the need to switch the platforms to compare the outcome. For the best and quickest results, it is recommended to invest in paid ads, which can help you grow your business much faster. It is a great solution to maximise sales during key shopping holidays, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas time.

Shopify made it super easy, especially for the small eCommerce business who are just putting their feet into the market. Integrating Google or Facebook campaigns with your Shopify store gives you an opportunity to reach your ideal customers without spending too much time on the marketing strategy and analysing the results.

Ways of Promoting Your Business with Shopify

Apart from Google and Facebook campaigns, there are many other ways that can help you market your business for growth, all in one place. Shopify assists you with several steps to find the right shoppers, wherever they are.

Starting with the target audience, Shopify reaches your ideal shoppers with content marketing, through SEO and on social media. One of the ways of boosting the traffic and bringing more potential customers to your online store, is using Shopify’s built-in blog feature.

Secondly, with Shopify’s SEO tools, you’re able to optimise your content in order to make it more searchable. You can edit title tags, meta descriptions and product details, which can help people find your store.

Using Shopify’s virtual assistant, Kit, retailers can boost their sales and create awareness by handling the marketing in an easy way. This Marketing App creates highly-targeted social ad campaigns, doing all of the work for you, from writing and building, to posting the ad on social media platforms.

Another amazing feature brought by Kit is email marketing automation. This virtual assistant can send custom emails to your customers on any occasion, such as “thank you for your purchase”, promoting new products or giving away a discount code.

Let’s Wrap it Up

You don’t need a strong background in marketing to set your business for growth and drive revenue. Shopify supports and gives you advice in every single step of your advertising journey, from creating and managing your campaigns, to tracking ads to monitor their effectiveness. The platform can help you set the right goals for your business with its amazing and easy to use features, that market your products to the right audience, help you drive traffic to your site and give you all of the insights to improve and track your efforts. Don’t wait and take what Shopify has to offer!

Good luck!



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