Nowadays, social media networks, Instagram in particular, have become an essential tool for fashion brands to show off their products and connect with a target audience. In fact, fashion industry represents 70% of total activity on Instagram, according to Klear.

There is 25 million businesses on Instagram, including fashion brands, of which 96% have their profile registered on the platform. It is crucial for fashion stores to show their personality through social media and create Instagram Marketing Strategy to differentiate from competitors, as well as build strong relationships with customers.

From basket bags, leopard slip skirts to the sheer blouse and the nighgown for a day- these were the Instagram fashion trends 2018, according to Vogue. Net-a-Porter’s global buying director, Elizabeth von der Goltz said:

“Social media is still impacting customer habits in such a major way. The connection, the realism, to it being on someone . . . It just feels more accessible and relatable.”

Instagram has played a big role in the fashion’s industry growth and is a go to platform for inspiration, that could be seen through Instagram story trendsorcontent trendsas well as following some of the top fashion Instagram influencers.

Let’s go over some of the most influential fashion trends 2019, spotted on Instagram.

Instagram for Fashion, Fashion for Instagram

This social platform has opened many doors in fashion industry, starting with brands selling products through their feed, to scouting influencers and models, as well as discovering new talents. Matthew Schneier wrote for the New York Times:

“This is fashion in the age of Instagram, a heady era in which digital media is changing the way clothes are presented and even the way they are designed.”

Instagram is made for visual storytelling, it also increases brand presence and awareness. It helps businesses solve issues faster than ever and stay connected to their audience. Many fashion brands collaborate with Instagram influencers to gain vast exposure, drive more sales and build brand authority.

It is also the place to show off the new products, as well as interact with followers by organising competitions and giveaways. There are endless benefits for fashion brands that are brought by Instagram and by being creative and authentic, you can show your audience who you really are and encourage them to shop at your store.

Trending Fashion #Hashtags

Can you imagine an Instagram post without a hashtag? Me neither. On average, Instagram post with at least one hashtag receives 12.6% more engagement than a post with no hashtags.

Choosing the right hashtags can help you reach your target audience, attract new followers in your niche and increase general engagement. With 95 million posts per day, Instagram needs help with delivering the right content to the right people, and hashtags are doing the work behind it.

Statistically, #Fashion is number 4 out of all most popular Instagram hashtags used around the globe, which proves how big and settled this industry is on the platform. We have prepared a list of top fashion hashtags 2019, that are currently trending on Instagram.

  7. #STYLE
  8. #TRENDY

2019 Instagram Fashion Trends

We went through the benefits of using Instagram in fashion industry, as well as trending hashtags. Adding one to another, you can start putting your Instagram marketing strategy together. Now we will go through the most influential fashion trends that have been spotted on Instagram and cannot be missed.

Instagram Shopping

The platform now acts like a shopping app, which is great news for fashion brands and eCommerce stores in general. Many brands provide a direct opportunity for their customer to shop through their feed. How does it work? You can give your customers immediate access to pricing and product details, by setting up a shop with Instagram.

This strategy has been adapted by many top fashion brands on Instagram such as Zara, Topshop, All Saints as well as luxury fashion designers from Calvin Klein to Dior.

Profile Highlights

A great feature that lives on your profile, just below your bio. The highlights are revolutionising the Instagram fashion world and many brands use it to provide an easy access to the newest collections, FAQs, returns policy or spotted fashion trends.

There are many ways for promoting your brand via Instagram Story Highlights and some businesses and bloggers are even experimenting with themed icon sets, for instance Topshop or Forever 21. It is a great way to express your brand, show off the latest products and engage with your customers.


More and more brands support “getting real on Instagram”, which means less filters and more authenticity. The days of perfectly edited Instagram posts and bot comments are over. People started treated fashion as lifestyle, being body positive, taking care of themselves and environment.

Healthy eating, plant power, natural face masks and yoga… we have seen it all! Fashion is not just about fashion, it is about representing a brand and showing your followers what is there to support when buying with your store.

Influencers Go on Vacation

Big fashion brands take influencer partnerships to the next level. Instead of sending the products and organise sponsored posts, they take influencers on sponsored vacation! What a better way to drive more traffic and increase sales, than photobombing influencers on the luxury vacation organised by your brand?

It is very simple: find the relevant influencers in your niche, send them to a 5-star hotel by the beach, give them access to your products and let them post about it. Fashion brands such as Revolve and Boohoo have organised many events and getaways, inviting Instagram’s coolest influencers that can represent their items and reach their followers.


Instagram Ads

From 25 million registered businesses, around 2 million have invested in ads on Instagram. In 2019 we will see a lot of different ad formats such as videos, carousel or Instagram Collection ads.

Many marketers invest in ads and boosted posts, as well as influencer collaborations. Sometimes that extra reach is needed, especially for the new businesses that are just starting. When creating your social media strategy in 2019, make sure your budget is prepared for Instagram advertising.


Instagram brings endless benefits for fashion brands and uses as a source for current trends, ideas and talents. Many registered businesses show off their products, new collections, as well as collaborate with influencers and engage with their audience. Not having Instagram profile as a fashion brand in 2019, means no existence at all. With understanding how Instagram can help you benefit your online store, using the right hashtags and following the top Instagram trends you can start shaping your social media strategy. Remember to include these in your future plans:

  1. Instagram Shopping
  2. Profile Highlights
  3. #NoFilter
  4. Influencers Go on Vacation
  5. Instagram Ads


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